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Coloful Contemporary Style Living RoomColorful Contemporary Style Living Room

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Understanding decorating styles can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be! If you take a little bit of time to read more about the various interior design styles you'll have more confidence as you decorate your home.

Your decor decisions will be somewhat simpler because you'll know which style you are looking for.

Whether you love to spend hours pouring over magazines, searching for those creative home decorating ideas, checking out the latest in interior design trends at the stores, or shopping online from the comfort of your home...defining your own unique inspired style of decorating will certainly bring some joy to your heart! I know it does mine.

So, find a comfortable place to relax with the beverage of your choice (I happen to love a great cup of coffee during the day and a chilled glass of Chardonnay in the evening...) and enjoy learning about, and possibly defining for the first time, your preferred style of decor for your home!

Interior Decorating Styles Qui

Take the Interior Decorating Style Quiz!

To help you get started, take this
simple quiz and see what your style preferences are:

1. If you could choose any type of home to live in,it would be:

a. A large, spacious,refined home with a beautifully manicured lawn.
b. A rustic log home surrounded by a natural landscape
c. A dramatic home with large windows, clean lines and a beautiful view.
d. A rambling,remodeled farm house with a wraparound front porch
e. A home that has an interesting interior to maximize the drama of the decor
f. A home that, whether large or small, has a vintage, lived-in, comfortable appearance.

2. What would your typical outfit look like on an average work day (in your dream job, of course!)

a. A classic pair of slacks (or skirt) and matching top, always dressed for business
b. A pair of slacks and top or sweater that you love - why choose anything else?

c. A boldly colored asymmetrically patterned sweater with black slacks or skirt and fashion forward shoes.
d. A favorite pair of jean, slouchy pullover and tennies.
e. An outfit that you just put together that morning because you love to mix and match.
f. A long, flowing floral skirt, casual blouse and sandals

Ideas for contemporary decoratin

3. The meal you are most likely to prepare is...?

a. A meal that includes the appropriate food groups, served in the dining room.
b. Your favorite quick and simple recipe.
c. A menu with an international flair
d. Your grandmother's chicken recipe with homemade biscuits.
e. Whatever you have a taste for, or great recipe you recently found - you like variety
f. Fresh veggies and fruit with homemade pasta

4. If you could choose your favorite lighting fixture, what would it look like?

a. A striking chandelier hanging in the entry foyer.
b. A lighted bamboo ceiling fan
c. A lamp with a slim black metallic base and round lampshade
d. An antique floor lamp you found at a flea market and fell in love with
e. A uniquely shaped lamp that will make a dramatic statement in your living room
f. A vintage chandelier that you painted and hung crystals from

5. Your favorite type of home decorating shopping excursion:

a. Your favorite store where you can find a matched set of pieces, then lunch right next door
b. The closest shop that has the basics - the quicker the better

c. You prefer to shop at stores and also go online, for the most dramatic and unique pieces
d. Flea markets and antique shops, of course!
e. You like to visit a variety of stores and mix/match pieces that 'speak' to you
f. Consignment shops, flea markets and antiquing

Interior Decorating Style Quiz score...
what does it mean for you?


If you selected:

Mostly A's - you probably enjoy Traditional Style decor, with its symmetry, subtle patterns and comfortable furniture with classic lines. Traditional is your interior decorating style!

Traditional decorating style in the dining roo

Mostly B's - you probably enjoy Casual Style decor, which is simple, comfortable and relaxed. You may enjoy decorating with a Neutral color palette and embrace Simple Home Decorating strategies. Casual is your interior decorating style.

Casually styled living area

Mostly C's - you probably enjoy Modern or Contemporary style of decor, with its clean lines, dramatic statements and bold color accents.Contemporary is your interior decorating style.

Contemporary Style Kitchen

Mostly D's - you probably enjoy the simplicity of Country Decor, which is a casual and comfortable style, and often includes displays of collectables and antiques.Country is your interior decorating style.

Country Style Bedroom

Mostly E's - you probably enjoy the versatility that an Eclectic Style offers and are comfortable mixing styles and patterns, and probably have a flair for this type of decor. Your decor style may embody portions of several styles mentioned here, so check out those that interest you.Eclectic is the interior decorating style for you.

Eclectic Style Great Room

Mostly F's - you probably enjoy a casual Cottage Style home, or the simple elegance of Shabby Style, with their lived-in, vintage, light and breezy look.

Read more about all three styles and see which one you feel most at home with, or decorate your home with a combination of these styles.Cottage style, or Shabby Chic is your preferred interior decorating style.

Casual Cottage Style Room Design

Learn more about the Four Fundamental Styles of Decorating as I define them, with plenty of inspiring photos and ideas:   Discover Your Decorating Style with Room Designs Today

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