The Best Ideas for Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs

Ideas and considerations for designs for your kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of many homes, and you want to plan wisely for your budget and the function of the space!

Whether you are planning a small remodel or building a new home, these ideas for kitchen designs are applicable and can help ease the stress of the project.

First, set your overall budget, no matter how large or small it is. You always want a framework to keep your spending decisions realistic.

Once that decision is set, the next significant decision for kitchen decorating and design is to determine the function of the space.

I know, it seems obvious, you clean up. But, there is much more than just eating in the kitchen space of many homes.

For example...

1. Do you do a lot of food preparation in your kitchen? Are you a budding gourmet cook who wants to have the latest and greatest appliances along with an abundance of workspace? Or, can you be content with an 'average' type kitchen layout/appliances?

Kitchen Designs and Idea

If your kitchen sink holds flowerpots and you eat out six days a week, that will affect your kitchen layout, too. (I knew someone once who did indeed have beautiful flowerpots in her kitchen sink, and literally ate out 7 days a week).

2. How much entertaining do you do? Is chatting with guests while you are preparing food an integral part of your social time with them?

Then you want to have enough space in your kitchen design to accommodate the extra folks - perhaps an island with several bar stools and 'hanging out' space for the overflow crowd.

Alternatively, some folks feel strongly about preparing food in the kitchen separately, then serving family/guests in a dining area. There is no right or wrong, just wise decision making and planning!

3. Are there children in the home who will be spending time in the kitchen, for example, doing homework?

Plan for a space for that activity in your kitchen project, whether it is a built-in area, counter space or an eating area that will double for homework duty.

Is this a multi-generational home? Are there special height, width or other physical accommodations, at present or in the future?

Tropical Kitchen Design

4. What exit/entry points are in the kitchen area? Is there a patio, deck, lanai or other outdoor recreational spot to consider?

Door walls, french doors, single hung needs to be allocated to this point, along with window placement.

If your project includes new construction, addition or remodel, think about the view from windows and doors as you plan.

5. Great kitchen designs include a plan for electrical outlet placement, lighting considerations...both type of lighting and where it will be placed, internet access, phone access, sound/alarm systems, etc.

A forward thinking trend in spacious designs for kitchens is to consider that area of the home as truly multi-functional, incorporating food preparation/consumption, relaxation, hobbies/activities, etc.

The result is an eating/relaxing/working space that includes the traditional kitchen preparation and eating areas, but also a sitting area with comfortable upholstered seating, end table and or coffee table, desk area with internet access, etc.

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