Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas and Tips

Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen wall decor ideas to help you create the memorable atmosphere in the heart of your home, the kitchen. Ideas for themes, accents, faux finishes and more.

The kitchen is sometimes the forgotten area of home decorating.

It is probably the most functional space in the home and therefore tends to be neglected beyond the major decisions such as flooring, cabinetry and lighting.

Once you’ve made those decisions and created a beautiful foundation, take some time to select the pieces that will complete the lifestyle and interior decorating style you have worked so hard to establish.

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

1) Your choice for kitchen wall decor should reflect the overall decorating style in your home and be consistent with the rest of the rooms.

2) Unless your decorating style selection includes lots of collections, nic nacs, etc. as part of the overall style, use discretion in the kitchen and avoid putting too much ‘stuff’ on the walls.

It is distracting and can actually take away from the appeal of the space.

3) Consider the walls themselves as a canvas and decide if one of the following options will enhance your kitchen space and your decorating style:

  • Murals can create just about any atmosphere or setting that you desire. Simply done or highly depends on your taste, budget and the decorating style you’ve established. If you go this route, the mural IS your kitchen wall decor.
  • Faux Finishes can create a textured and interesting look that can work well in a kitchen.If you decide to do this type of wall treatment, your decor should be kept simple and straightforward...a simple print for the largest wall in the space for example. 
  • Wallpaper with a raised finish to give the appearance of stone. Here are some ideas and resources for you, for the kitchen or any room of your home:

4) Themed wall decor is great, just remember not to overdo the idea. I always like to find the most unique pieces and accessories, wall decor included, when using a theme.

Try to avoid the matchy-matchy look that can appear when you purchase your themed pieces in sets.

Intersperse some solid colors with your theme and allow the special pieces to really stand out. Otherwise your themed decor can get cluttered and will ultimately lose the charm.

Here are some examples of wall decor with a 'coffee time' theme. Is it overused? I don't think so, unless you go crazy with the choices and fill your kitchen walls and counter tops with a bunch of cheesy stuff.

Make just a couple of selections, use a light touch, and it could be a great look if the theme fits your lifestyle.

5) Determine which wall in the kitchen area is the largest or most dominant, then focus your wall decor in that area.

If your space is quite large, you might place another piece, in a different shape and size, on another wall in the kitchen. For most kitchen areas, that is sufficient for the wall decor.

Remember that the kitchen tends to have a lot going on in terms of functional items, cabinets, counter tops, etc. Many times the best wall decor in the kitchen is color and texture, with minimal addition of accessories.

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