Living Room Makeovers

How to Resdesign Your Space

Living Room Makeovers

A fresh look can bring new life and interest to a living area that has remained unchanged for awhile.

Do you have a living room that fits this description... A little tired, ordinary (in your eyes, at least) and in need of some new color and excitement?

The thought of a living room redesign can seem overwhelming, but don't worry, it's not! And the result will be well worth the effort, so read on and get ready to have some fun.

Makeover a Living Room: Just L.I.V.E. it!

Living room makeovers

I define living room makeovers with the term, 'LIVE'. After all, that's what most of us do in our living areas...we live in them.

Here is your makeover strategy:

'L' stands for 'Look and List'

Grab a pen and paper, walk into your living room and take a long, unhurried look around the room.

1) List the pieces in the room that you want to, or need to, keep in the space, and make a list of the pieces that could go somewhere else. (You don't have to figure out where they're going right now, just make the list).

2) Write down the color palette currently used in this room. Select one color from this palette, or, select a new color to add to the palette. (Learn more about putting colors together in decorating).

This will be your 'breath of fresh air' in terms of color. You will use this as an accent color, and if it is an existing color in the room, possibly in deeper tones than at present.

'I' stands for 'Itemize'

I know, it sounds like we're all accountants, but it is important to write down what you want to accomplish in the redesign of your space.

So, itemize, or record, the aspects of the room that you want to change.

For example, do you want to:

  • add more drama to the space?
  • Make the room appear larger?
  • Change the function, or create a multi-purpose space?

How will you accomplish the goals you've just written down? You might...

Redesign your living room


  • Paint the room a new color, and/or paint one wall an accent color(remember the color palette selection from your List)
  • Add a new piece of upholstery, such as a vibrant side chair or a uniquely designed coffee table
  • Consider crown molding, beaded board, or a dramatic trim around the door and window openings
  • Select new window treatments and go in a very different direction than what you have had in the past
  • Introduce an area rug and rearrange the furniture to create a new conversation grouping
  • Install a wood floor, or tile floor, or re-carpet...depending on where you live and your lifestyle
  • Introduce a new element to the room, such as black iron accents or plantation shutters
  • It's up to you!

What's Next in Living Room Makeovers?

'V' stands for 'Visualize'

...and that is what your next living room makeover step is going to be.

Take the thoughts and ideas you have written down...your List/Itemization...and visualize the changes.

This comes more easily to some than others, but do your best to 'see' the changes you have documented, because your list is more than just a list. It's the dream of what your living room can be, and that is very significant!

You'll probably find that your visualization creates a natural ranking to the items you've listed, and may also cause some to drop off of the list entirely. That's perfectly o.k.

How to decorate the living and dining room

Now, come back down to reality and cross check the lists with the budget, to see how much of your visualized, revitalized living room you can take action on. It might be a phased in process, but your plan is there, in writing, and you are ready to take action!

Coordinate your actions to the type of living room makeover your space will be undergoing. Select flooring and fabrics first, then select paint colors to coordinate.

After you have Looked/Listed, Itemized and Envisioned, taken the actions you decided upon, you are now ready for the last step...

'E' stands for 'Enjoy!'

...and that is exactly what you're going to do once you've completed the living room makeover!

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