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create the coolest lodge style residence!

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Beautiful Log Home Great Room

Log Homes...a dream for many and a reality for some.

Why? Well, unless you are going to cut down your own trees, harvest them, dry them, do the prep work and THEN think about the design, build and decorating process, you have to hire someone else to handle all of these things.

And it is not for folks who are looking to build the most cost effective type of residence available.

These rustic homes, particularly the beautiful, custom homes you see in magazines (and on this page) filled with unique & breathtaking decorating ideas, are more expensive than conventional homes.

There, I said it, and got the 'bad news' out of the way.

My husband and I built log homes for a number of years, and almost everyone who came to talk with us had stars in their eyes the minute they walked into our home.

Who wouldn't want such a beautiful residence? (The photo to the right was taken at our home.) Then we started talking about the cost.

Now, we built some beautiful rustic style residences for people who knew what they were undertaking and were prepared to handle the budget.

And, the structures we built were not kits. They were built on site from custom designed plans.

Log Home Decorating Idea

There are ways to build a log home that are more cost effective, such as pre-built kits for smaller  homes.  So, don't be discouraged, just be realistic. Enough of that - let's talk about the fun part - Log Home Decorating!

True Log Home or Create a Log Style Interior...

Log Home Kitchen


You can decorate a log home or you can decorate a home interior with log decor furniture and accessories, so there is more than one way to accomplish the lodge style look.

As with other styles of decor, log home decorating is a style with different avenues. There is rustic decor, lodge style decor, country style, even a contemporary log home style, to name a few.

No matter which decor style suits you, the basics of home decorating ideas still apply. Determine your budget, decide on a plan, and stick with it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to plan the decor for our rustic abode as it was being built, which is a great advantage.

We decided on a color scheme, the theme was already determined for us by the style of home, and from there I just made sure that all of my color selections fit into the pre-determined palette.

Furniture for Log Home

We considered these same things as we were selecting counter tops, flooring and lighting.

How to Style a Log Home Interior

You can create a unique and stylish rustic interior with the selection of interesting yet cost effective accents and finishes. Here is an example:

We'll use these three pieces as our 'Living Room'. A leather sofa and chair set the foundation, with a casual style rocker (rattan seat and back) completing the look.

What should we do to create a memorable rustic look for our lodge style or log home?

Here are a variety of accent pieces that we have to choose from...let's see what we can do to create an interesting, rustic style living area using some of these selections and maybe one or two others...

How about this look? We have two side tables that compliment each other, an area rug that doesn't shout rustic style...it's a more casual look that can fit into a variety of styles. Our lamps are casual, with the lamp on the left having a rustic, reddish finish.

We used the pillows from our collection above as well as the wreath, the log foot stool and the collection of distressed red lanterns. Everything is nicely tied together and creates a lodge style living area!

More Log Home Decorating Ideas 

Stunning Log Home Great Room


Plow & Hearth

In this section of you will find resources for building a log home, decorating ideas, sources for furniture, accessories and lighting, and other helpful information for anyone who is researching the possibility of building a log home or who currently resides in one.

Learn more about finishing the interior of your Log Home
What sort of interiors do YOU envision when you think of a log home?
Depending on your experience with, and preferences for, log homes and cabins, the results can vary quite a bit.

Discover the beauty of Log Home Kitchens
Ideas that will help you design your layout and decide which features will work for you - and your budget! I know...we built our log home and designed the kitchen to fit our lifestyle.

The rustic sophistication of Contemporary Log Homes Contemporary decorating ideas to help you combine the beauty of natural structure with the sleekness of modern styling in your residence.

Rustic Cabin Living Area

I LOVED our log home. It was like living in our own personal lodge. And although I miss it still, I am living in another paradise in Southwest Florida, so no complaints here!

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