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Ideas for Decorating Log & Rustic Homes

Log home decorating ideas that are simple and practical, to help you create the type of log home interior that suits your lifestyle and budget.

My husband and I built log homes in Michigan for about 5 years, and our residence was a beautiful log home that also served as our model and home office. I had the opportunity to plan and decorate our home during the building process, which was a great advantage.

So, I have some log home decorating ideas for you based on my personal experience! It helps to have a plan of action, so here are some thoughts for you:

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Five Tips for Decorating a Log Home

1. Decide which way you will go with the decor of your log home first, as this sets the tone for the entire project.

Do you want a very casual, cabin style look? Some log homes are quite primitive in their design and decor, with ultra simple finishes and very authentic, hand hewn logs.

You can take this casual look down two different roads as well. First, you might decide to create a colorful country cabin with displays of collections, rag rugs on the wood floors, and gingham curtains at the windows.

Or, a true, simple rustic approach might be your decision, with attention to authentic log cabin details and furnishings at the foremost of the decision making process.

Log Home Decorating Idea

Another log home decorating idea is a lodge style finish. In this style, there is a combination of rustic and casual traditional, which is how we chose to finish our log home.

Our residence had a large, handmade antler chandelier hanging in the great room, a flooring combination of carpet and tile, Corian counter tops with hickory cabinets, and a generous mix of log and conventional furnishings.

Contemporary Log Home Desig

Yet another approach for log home decorating ideas is a more contemporary finish.

As you would expect, the ‘less is more’ philosophy applies in the area of furnishings, color palette and placement.

Just a note about Color Palette - as you consider how to finish out your home consider this log home decorating idea & keep the color selections for upholstery fabrics and accessories in the medium to deeper shades, minimizing pastels. Lighter shades used predominantly may look washed out.

There are always other nuances and interpretations, but give it some thought and decide what your approach will be to decorating your log home.

Not sure? Log home magazines can be a huge help in the process!

Using color in a Lodge Style  Home

2. Interior walls will play a part in how you finish out the interior space.

If you own or are planning to build a log home, you know that the interior walls of the home can be full log, half log placed on studded walls, knotty pine (or some other type of natural wood panel) or drywall.

There are two major log home decorating ideas and considerations here:

First, if there is a dimensional log on the wall(s) it will affect the room dimensions. Think of it this way: if there is 6 to 8 inches of log material protruding from the walls of the room, it will decrease the amount of space you have to furnish. Keep this in mind when planning and purchasing furniture and accessories.

Log Home Master Bedroom

Second, dimensional log walls are beautiful in and of themselves, so they don’t need much in the way of wall decor. Don’t overdo with stuff on the walls - it can detract from the natural beauty of the home.

Our home had a combination of log walls and drywall.

My advice is to paint or faux finish the flat interior walls, to give them some personality and depth. Otherwise they may get lost (look boring) amongst all of the log material. We used a textured paint, faux finishes and custom stencils to create an interesting look that complemented the log walls in our home.

3. Keep the furniture to scale with the room size, wall height and massive appearance of the logs.

You have a beautiful, natural home. It doesn’t matter if it is a small cabin or large, sprawling home, it is still a unique structure that possesses an inherent beauty.

All that said, keep those factors in mind when selecting your furnishings. Is the living area wide open, with high wall heights and cathedral ceilings? Then, your furniture should also be strong, large and have presence.

Log furniture is a choice that many owners make, my home included. In our Great Room, we had a beautiful log dining set and bar stools,then a rocker and a coffee table in the living area. The rest of the living room furniture was over sized and included a sofa, chair-and-a-half with ottoman, and chaise.

Log Home Great Room Decorating

As you would expect, our Great Room was 24’x 40’ with 12’ wall heights and a cathedral ceiling. This massive furniture fit in perfectly.

On the other hand, if your home is smaller, or has more individual rooms rather than large open spaces, make sure you don’t try to squeeze in large scale furniture. It might look great in the store or online, but measure carefully, using masking tape on the floor of the space if needed, to make sure that piece doesn’t dwarf the space.

4. Vary the flooring choices

This is my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth, but I think that a log home filled with wood floors is too much wood. You can have too much of a good thing!

Think about using some tile in the kitchen/dining area. Carpet in the bedrooms is always a good choice for the function of the space.

Kitchen in a Log Hom

Our log home had no wood floors - we used tile and carpet - and were very happy. The tile in the kitchen/dining area was multi-color and very interesting, so it had the presence and personality to stand strong in the massive room.

The exception to my statement about flooring is a small home or cabin. If your home is petite in overall square footage, you might want to stay with one flooring element in the living/dining/kitchen areas so as not to make the space seem too cut up. I would still recommend carpet in the bedrooms, so keep these thoughts in mind as you consider these log home decorating ideas.

5. Let the beauty of the log home shine through!

Log home decorating ideas are helpful for sure, and hopefully you have gleaned an inspiration or two on this page and in this section on Log Homes.

But, these homes are beautiful creations, for the most part are entirely unique and custom, and should be allowed to let their inherent beauty be appreciated.

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