Log Home Interiors
casual or elegant, create a rustic, unique space

Log Home Interiors

What sort of log home interiors do YOU envision when you think of a log home?

Depending on your experience with, and preferences for, log homes and cabins, the results can vary quite a bit.

If you choose to log the interior walls as in the photo of this Great Room shown below, you can create a sophisticated lodge type atmosphere or a rustic cabin.

The species of material used for the walls, whether they are hand or machine peeled, sanded or natural, will make a significant difference in the overall appearance of the room or space.

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Log Home Great Room

What is the height of the interior walls of the log home?

The walls pictured here are 12 feet high, which brings the peak of the cathedral ceiling to almost 20 feet.

Again, this makes a huge difference in the appearance of the room and affects how you will furnish it.

Big rooms and areas need big furniture. Scale of furniture size to room size is very important in homes built of bulky material such as log.

Log homes that are built in the split-log, or half-log style give homeowners the option to use either log or drywall on the interior walls, which for many is a welcome option. The half-log home pictured above had drywall in the bedrooms and baths.

Master Bath in Log Hom

The interior walls of the Master Bath in this log home were faux finished with a feather duster. The base was Bone White and the faux was done in White.

This presented a soft counter point to the chunky trim on the bathroom windows and the wide base trim in the bathroom.

Although not shown in the photo, the window in the Master Bath and throughout the home were trimmed out in the 8" half log.

Using a variety of textures and finishes on the interior walls and flooring will give you something else to look at besides wood.

And when you live in a log home it enhances the beauty of the log when your eye can rest on another surface.

That's my opinion as a designer and the owner of the home pictured, which we built and lived in for five (wonderful!) years.

However, rustic home interiors are a very personal experience and there really isn't a right or wrong way to finish them out.

Log Home Bedroom with stencil faus finis

One of the guest bedrooms is pictured here. The walls are drywall, with a stencil running across the top of the walls called 'Cave Horses'.

Notice again the window trim, and also that there is just a natural treatment at the top of the window. Other than wood blinds for privacy we didn't want to hide any of the beauty of the log.

Unless you are planning to decorate your log home interior with a country cabin type look and use tieback curtains, don't 'overdress' the windows.

Flooring in log home interiors is most often wood or tile, and some carpet. If you love wood and want to see more of it, a wood floor can be a beautiful complement to your log walls.

We decided to put a multi color tile called Mardi Gras in our kitchen and dining area and were thrilled with the result (see photo of the kitchen above).

I used the same tile to have a sofa table custom made (re-rod twig base with 4 tile for the top). This tile had four different colors so it was a beautiful counterpoint to the log walls, knotty pine ceiling and cabinetry.

We purchased aspen log furniture for some of our case goods, including the dining area, bars tools, bedrooms and coffee table.

Again, this is a very personal preference and there is no right or wrong way to decorate your log home interior.

My advice would be that whatever you choose, make sure the size, or scale, of the furniture is large enough to have a presence of it's own in your lodge style home, particularly if the room is large. (The Great Room pictured at the top of this section was 24 ft. by 40 ft.)

Log Homes are very unique and most times, very custom homes, so no two are alike. And that's one of the great aspects of this type of residence - no one else has a home quite like yours!

There are many log log home design options to choose from. Make sure whoever you do business with has extensive experience in designing and/or building log homes, and can provide all of the services they are advertising.

An honest company will be upfront and willing to discuss the costs of building the type of log home you are searching for.

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