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Ideas for Log Home Kitchens

the kitchen is the heart of your log home

Log Home Kitchens

Ideas for log home kitchens that will help you design your layout and decide which features will work for you - and your budget! I know...we built our log home and designed the kitchen to fit our lifestyle.

Although we sold our log home several years ago and now live in sunny southwest Florida, I have great memories of the years we lived in our beautiful 'lodge' in Michigan.

Kitchens in a log home can be one of the most unique features of a rustic residence, so it is beneficial to plan, read, study, and look at lots of photos to determine what works for you.

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Key points to consider for your log home kitchen design:

The photo you see below is our kitchen area. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Kitchen in a beautiful log home
  • How large is the space allocated to the kitchen/eating/dining area? Many log home designs include an open Great Room that includes all of the above, plus the living area. Spaces like these work well in log homes because of the massive size of the interior logs.
  • The logs take up space, literally. And,
  • How are you going to use your kitchen? A beautiful log kitchen in a magazine may look fabulous, but you don't necessarily want every feature that you see in it.
  • they can be overpowering in small spaces. So your kitchen may be like ours...open to the rest of the room. Does that work for you? It sure did in our home. The open area, high gabled ceilings, expansive areas...wonderful for family gatherings and parties.
Log  home kitchen and dining area
  • What is your budget for the log home kitchen? I know...not so much fun, but necessary to consider in the planning stages. For example, do you want granite, solid surface or laminate counter tops. Many will say 'granite', so just make sure your budget allows for it.
  • Lighting is so important in a log home, particularly the kitchen. You can combine rustic chandeliers with track lighting, for example, to provide both task and lodge style ambiance. Consider natural lighting as well, with door walls and uniquely shaped windows to enhance the beauty of the log interior and exterior.
  • What type and style of cabinetry will you use in your log kitchen? The choices are many, with oak, hickory, maple, cherry and rustic pine among the choices. Be aware the cabinetry costs add up very quickly, so if your dream kitchen is expansive, make sure the pocketbook is, too.
  • We used a mid-line, medium finish hickory cabinet and had the uppers made extra tall so they wouldn't look 'puny' next to our 12 foot wall heights. Think about proportions with the cabinets, island, etc. You might decide to include interesting, theme-based cabinet pulls to complete the decor of the kitchen.
  • What is the overall theme of your home? Log home kitchens, as well as other rooms in the home, can be very rustic and cabin-like, present a lodge feel, or even blend in some contemporary accents. Decide which direction you are going in before making any significant decisions.
Kitchen in log home with red cabinets

Take your time, plan carefully, watch the budget, and you can design and create a beautiful kitchen in your log home that will function for your lifestyle.

And, as someone who has lived in a beautiful, lodge style log home, take it from me...you're going to love every minute of it!

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