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If you have lived during the 1950's and 60's (yes, I am in the club!), this decor style will evoke memories of those years.

Add some of the 70's look as well; if you want to combine a vintage and retro look, include a decade or two prior to the 1950's!

What is it about this retro style that we find so appealing?

Perhaps it is the memory of a simpler time, maybe it is the bright colors and interesting textures that we are drawn to. The kooky shapes of furniture and accessories were, and always will be, conversation starters.

Whatever your own attraction is to retro style decor, no one will argue with the fact that it is a style to have fun with!

Retro Furniture in the Dining Are

First, consider the colors: avocado green, black, white, red, mustard yellow, aqua, hot pink, orange and purple.

How should they be used?

If the space you are decorating is quite small and you want to enhance the feeling of spaciousness, keep the walls neutral and use these colors in the furniture and accessories.

If maintaining an open and spacious feel to the area is not a concern, have fun with any color in the palette on the walls.

I have an early childhood memory of our living room in Detroit in the late 1950's....avocado green walls, curtains in a loud floral print with a black background, bright pink flowers and green leaves. The rest of the details are a little too hazy, but I'll never forget those walls and curtains!

Retro Chair in Blue

In today's retro style decorating, you might select one or two colors to have predominance in the space and use the others as accents.

Don't get too caught up in 'balancing' the color palette, though, or you will lose the charm and unique quality that this unique style brings to your home.

Retro furniture offers unique shapes, textures and colors. Sofas will be long, lean and boxy.

Chairs are unique in shape and construction, and brightly colored.

Accent pieces might include a storage ottoman, kidney shaped coffee table, lava lamp and starburst wall clock.

Coffee tables are usually seen in curvy, kidney shapes, and dining tables are typically round or oval.

Popular retro chair styles include the Eames lounge chair, the butterfly chair, the Barcelona chair, and the tulip chair. Every piece will tell a story, and many smaller items are considered collectables.

Textures will include chrome, vinyl, plastic, Plexiglas, and molded plywood or fiberglass and formica.

Kitchen Decorated Retro Styl

In a home furnished retro style you may very well find such collectables as a jukebox, boomerang,Coca-Cola memorabilia, bowling items, vintage hawaiian decor and types of atomic symbols/satellites.

If you are a flea market, garage sale and/or estate sale enthusiast some great finds in furniture and accents could be had!

Just remember that retro design is a fun, funky type of look. Bold and vivid colors reign, along with unique shapes and textures.

Each piece will have a story to tell by virtue of it's function, design and material. Create your own unique retro decor and design story in your home!

Now, have some fun and find the retro furniture and home decor that will suit your lifestyle. There are so many great choices right here!

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