Romantic Bedrooms

create your own haven of peace and privacy

Romantic Bedrooms

Ideas for romantic bedrooms that will take your ordinary bedroom design and turn it into a private getaway.

Simple ideas that don’t have to be frilly, fussy or expensive to be romantic. I love the neutral color palette and mood of the bedroom shown above.Create your special space on a budget and be thrilled with the results!

When you envision a romantic area, what comes to mind?

For each of us there may be a different image. Why? Because there is no set standard for ‘romantic’...we all have our own version based on our lifestyle and preferences.

Having said that, there are some ideas that will fit into every type of decorating style, and are easy on the budget, so take these tips and apply them to your own home.

Romance is a Personal Thing


First, bedrooms are personal to the occupants, particularly one that has a romantic feel. What are the special memories and mementos that you and your partner share?

Have some of those things in the, small remembrances, etc. Perhaps it is a wedding or honeymoon, a vacation getaway, a special occasion, a treasured collection...display something that is special and brings happy memories to the space.

For my husband and me, it is photos of us in different locations that have happy (and romantic!) memories. He always keeps one particular gift that I gave him on his dresser because he loves me so much :)

Bedroom Accessories and Accents

One additional tip with regard to accessories and items on display, and that is to make sure the space is not cluttered with things that don’t need to be there.

You don’t want the area to look like a hospital room with water bottles, tissue boxes and open magazines taking up space. Put away the functional or unnecessary stuff. This is romance, after all.

Color, much or how little?


If your plan for romance includes a complete Bedroom makeover, keep these key elements in mind:

Color and pattern depend somewhat on your decorating style, although most people find that soft or warm colors in solids or small, subtle patterns will be the best way to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Lighting plays a key role in setting a romantic mood. A simple dimmer switch for the overhead light will turn a bright glare into a soft, welcoming glow. Bedside lamps with lower wattage options (3-way) can cast a mellow light in the space. Wall sconces are suited to many different decorating styles and can add subtle yet dramatic lighting nuances in the bedroom.

Candles? They symbolize romance to many, just be sure if you use them in your bedroom to be extremely aware of the potential hazard they can create.

We have started using candles during our romantic times together, definitely fits into the romantic bedroom on a budget plan, and it is a great addition to the ambiance.

It's All About the Bed

The bed itself plays a very important part of the romantic bedroom. It doesn’t have to be flouncy, fluffy, drapey, lacy, or full of pillows. What it does need is comfort, and should have bed linens, comforters and other coverings that invite occupancy.

Soft fabrics, silk sheets, quality 300 count cotton, comfy quilts...whatever your decorating style is, opt for quality in the linens. Layers can provide a soft and luxurious feel, too, so think about layering the bed coverings and including a couple of extra pillows for comfort.

A romantic getaway often includes the feeling of privacy, solitude and uninterrupted time. Think about including the necessary items to allow for a glass of wine, plate of cheese, whatever type food you enjoy.

For some that may mean a small refrigerator nestled away in the space. For others it mean making sure that you have an area set aside to hold a tray of refreshments for the evening.

Romantic Bedrooms are about the Comfort, too

Romantic bedrooms offer a place to sit that is comfortable and cozy, so find a space for an upholstered chair and ottoman, chaise lounge or duo of petite upholstered chairs with a table in-between to share conversation or refreshment.

Another aspect is to include a variety of textures and layers, and windows are no exception, as shown in the spacious Master Bedroom above. Window coverings should allow for privacy but also convey some softness.

Whether you prefer blinds, shades, verticals or another type of privacy covering on the window, consider adding side fabric panels and possibly a valance or cornice to complete the look.

If the flooring is wood or tile, include scatter rugs or an area rug to soften the space, define areas and provide some extra comfort under your feet. A romantic bedroom is, above all, comfortable and easy to spend some time in.

Two more thoughts come to mind when creating romantic bedrooms...scent and sound.

What scent do you and your partner enjoy? Whether it is fresh flowers, newly laundered linen, a particular fragrance (women’s or men’s), it’s a very personal decision. Maybe a certain food evokes romance for you. Whatever it is, include the scent that sets the stage for romance.

Music is enjoyed by most in a romantic setting, so your design should include something, whether a small radio or in-wall stereo system.

My husband and I like to use our cable TV music channels that offer a variety of music styles, and try different venues according to our mood.

These romantic ideas could fit right into your plans for decorating the Master Bedroom, as oftentimes they are one and the same space.

I'd love to help you with your desire to create a romantic and private bedroom!

No...I won't be visiting you anytime soon, but I do have a handy, helpful and inspirational little decorating guide that could become your best friend.

Click on the link to the right and find out more about Love Your Home!

Have fun creating the romantic getaway that expresses your own unique lifestyle and preferences.

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