Rustic Window Treatments for
Your Casual Home

Rustic Window Treatments

Ideas for casual treatments for the windows in your log home, lodge style decor, country cottage and even a special themed room in your home.

When I lived in a log home the window treatments were an important part of the overall lodge style decor.

Nothing frilly or fancy for us, and, the view outside of our home was awesome, so why would we want to cover it up?

We opted for wood blinds with a stain that matched the half-log trim around the windows.

That provided the privacy needed for bedrooms and any other time we wanted to close out the rest of the world.

We added minimal decorative adornment on some windows, and used mainly natural materials, or those that looked like they just came from the backyard or garden.

Idea for Casual, Rustic Window Treatment

Your rustic room, space or home most likely contains a large amount of wood...walls, floors, the overall look is not frilly or feminine.

There is also a natural element to rustic styles, with nature being a close partner, so simplicity and compatibility with the theme is essential, as shown here in the photo courtesy of

Here are some ideas for rustic window decor:

Fabric - if this is your selection, keep a couple of things in mind. First, select a fabric that complements the overall decor.

Natural, organic fabrics with simple patterns, or no pattern at all, and an interesting texture...this would work well. Keep the colors neutral as well, unless you are going to go with a really cool blanket or throw, for example, that has vibrant, earthy colors.

Use your imagination and find an unconventional fabric, whether it is a type of canvas, table cloth, blanket...anything that fits the theme of the space. You don’t have to purchase the product in the window treatment section of the department store.

Finally, use the fabric sparingly. I have seen fabric used extensively in a rustic setting and it did nothing to enhance the personality and feel of the space.

There is nothing contrived or matchy-matchy about rustic, lodge and log home decorating, and the window treatments should be consistent with that philosophy.

Side panels, a simple panel that covers the lower half of the window, a valance (discussed in more detail below)...any of these options will work as long as they are kept as natural as possible, with minimal tucks, ties and extras.

Casual Window Treatment in Log Home

Valances - forget the notion of the department store valance with cute bears or moose trekking across the fabric.

Use your imagination and create a one-of-a-kind design using just about any materials you can think of.

I am always partial to tree branches, dried flowers, leaves, etc. for my log home window ‘valances’. But there is so much more to choose from to create a rustic window treatment valance.

I used a combination of real and faux elements to create the natural valance over the door walls in the kitchen area of our log home Great Room, shown here.

What can you use? Just look around your home, storage, outdoors, flea markets...if you can hang it from a rod or attach it to the wall, you can use it!

And, speaking of rods, there are some great choices available in interesting iron finishes with unique finials. Or, go outside and find a tree branch that is the correct size. Use your imagination.

Window Coverings - a very simple rustic window treatment.

Think of wood blinds in natural tones, a roll up or roman give your home privacy when desired but still keep the rustic style intact. No metal mini blinds in pastels in these homes!

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