Shabby Chic Accessories
finishing touches for your casually elegant home

Shabby Chic Accessories

Shabby Chic accessories place the finishing touches in your shabby or cottage style home. And, it is more than just rounding up some lace doilies, crystal drawer pulls and dainty curtains that create the charm and attraction that is called Shabby Chic Style.

Before we look at the specific pieces that are found in this style of decor, there are a couple of fundamentals of accessorizing that I just can’t help but talk about first.

It’s the interior designer coming out in me, I know...but without the proper placement, all the nifty, cool, unique, vintage decor you have found won’t pack any punch. You want all of your efforts that have gone into the hunt, to bring about great results!

Shabby Chic Accessories and Ideas

Always keep these two thoughts in mind when accessorizing in any style of home, any type of decor:

1) Variety of size, shape and material
2) Placement makes all the difference

Let's take an example:
What would you rather see on a 22” round wood accent table in a Shabby Chic home?

a) Lace doily placed in the middle of the table with a 5x7 photo & a single taper candle placed in the middle of the doily,


b) A 30” square lace doily placed on the table with the edges draped over the table....finished as follows:

(First, imagine that an upside-down triangle has been placed on the you see it? This will tell us where our shabby chic accessories will be placed.)

In the upper left area of the triangle there is a vintage hardcover book laying on a diagonal on the table with a small oval piece of lace on it. The 5x7 photo is placed on top of the piece of lace.

Placing accesories when decorating

In the upper right area of the triangle is a dainty 14” lamp. Nestled along with these pieces is a vintage cup and saucer, and that is placed in the lower third of the triangle. The cup has been placed on it’s side and is resting comfortably in the saucer.

All of the pieces on the table are touching each other in a cozy sort of way. The photo at the left is similar to our example...notice how the elements on the table all relate to each other.

Can you envision it? There are a variety of elements on this table, differing heights and placement that has been carefully thought out, but the look is casual and inviting.

Okay, I got that off my chest, so now we can talk about shabby chic accessories :)

Here are some elements you will always see,
by themselves or combined:

source unknown


Always at home in Shabby style decor, lace will be found throughout the home, and may take the shape of a doily, pillow covering, drapery panel, edging on a kitchen cabinet, bed skirt...use your imagination!


New, not-so-new, vintage’s all good in shabby style decor. If you find a beautiful hankie with lace edges and want to use that as a doily, go will fit right into the decor!


I love to see vintage books as display pieces in cottage, country, rustic and shabby style homes. Each book has a personality of its own. Place them in a variety of positions, as one part of a display (as described above), in any room of your home. You just can’t go wrong with vintage books as display items.


An elegant vintage or reproduction chandelier with beautiful crystals is a lovely finish to a shabby style room. Or, place crystal drawer pulls on a painted dresser in the bedroom, on kitchen cabinets, etc. Anything that has an aura of elegance and has crystals on it would be a good fit.


It’s about the candles and the candle holders in this area of shabby chic accessories. Look for both in the soft, beautiful colors of shabby chic. Flea markets, consignment shops and garage sales are a great source of vintage or gently used candle sticks.

Look for a variety of styles and sizes, and don’t hesitate to place them together in groupings. Wall sconces are also a great choice for wall decor in your cottage or shabby style home.


Do you love to collect a particular china pattern or type of glassware/tableware? In the past I have collected vintage or reproduction tea cups as well as small creamers. I remember enjoying ‘the hunt’ immensely as I went to garage sales and flea markets.

These are perfect accessories and display items in a shabby style home.

And, remember that you can put things into them as well, and use them as little pots to hold flowers, greenery, really anything you can think of....they are adorable.


What is more beautiful and fragrant than a bowl or vase of fresh flowers?

If fresh is not possible for you, then use a good quality silk flower/greenery that will look just as beautiful, sans the scent! Place them anywhere in your home that you wish, as you really can’t have too many floral displays.

Shabby Style Entry and Accessories


You will find beading as part of shabby chic accessories. It might be a delicate edging on a photo frame, on the face of a pillow, draped across the top of a window, placed into an antique glass vase...the possibilities are endless. Use your creativity when it comes to the use of beads and beading in a shabby chic home.


You might have some old, well used photo frames that have been handed down in your family. They are a little worn, less than perfect and might be a little wobbly...perfect! Those imperfections are what make the photo frames work so well in this style of decor.

You might decide to paint them, dress them up with some lace and/or beads, or leave them just as they are. Those are all good decisions.

A little flea market shopping or using reproduction vintage frames is a great choice, too.


Vintage, reproduction or new...the wall decor in a shabby style home reflects the simple elegance that is found throughout the home.

Other types of accessories that work well would be any type of wood or iron piece that has an elegant, vintage appeal.

Use your imagination and creativity to create a beautiful shabby style home that expresses your lifestyle!

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