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Shabby Chic Decor for Your Home

simple, easy tips to create a casually elegant home

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Whether you choose to emphasize the ‘shabby’ or the ‘chic’, find all the great style ideas you need right here.

What makes this style so popular?

I think it’s the casual elegance, soft colors and vintage inspirations that attract so many to this decor, and, it can be accomplished with some creativity and a small budget. Now that’s appealing!

First, let's look at some inspiring examples of Shabby Style in action...

I love the color choices in this Shabby Style Bedroom with a Vintage flair.

The soft aqua wall color with white trim and natural wood flooring provides the perfect backdrop for the vintage bed, table, chair and accents in this Shabby Chic Bedroom. And, the drop leaf table can serve a number of functions, too!

White on White is the color palette in this Shabby Chic Dining Area. Simply styled, with elegance and grace, the shades of white and mismatched iron dining chairs make a charming style statement.

I like the beautiful fireplace mantel with the purposely 'out of balance' decor...love that look!

Soft shades of lilac on the walls and decor accents create the perfect balance against the white finishes in this Shabby Style Bathroom.

The lace panel on the window, scroll work on the towel ring as well as the floral touches finish the elegant look.

photo source unknown

A white color palette creates the Shabby Style look in this Living Area.

Lace, candles, crystals, soft patterns and distressed finishes work together along with soft natural lighting. A touch of natural greenery breathes additional life and personality into the space.

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Where to Start with Shabby Style Decorating

For me, the color palette is always the foundation for any space, and shabby chic is no exception. 

Your palette will always include whites and off whites...a must for shabby style.

Soft shades of yellow, rose, blue and green complete the palette nicely.

Shabby Chic Decor Ideas

Where to Put the Shabby Style Colors

Start with the walls, and select a soft, muted shade that reflects one of the tones in your palette...perhaps a hint of rose, or just a glimpse of green. You don't have to carry the same color throughout your home, so be creative if you wish, and vary the shades slightly as well as the colors in different rooms.

Your furnishings and accessories will stand out against the soft backdrop of the walls.

Here are some beautiful, soft shades from SherwinWilliams.com:

(1) Green Glaze - 7128 (2) Feather White - 6616 (3) Yellow Beam - 7123 (4) Pinkish - 7112

How to Select the Simply Shabby Furniture

Beautiful Shabby Style Bedroom

As shown in this Shabby Style Bedroom with vintage flair, your budget and preferences may take you to a fine furniture store to select your shabby chic case goods; or, flea markets and consignment shops may be your course of action.

With shabby chic, it doesn’t matter, and that is what makes this style so appealing and enduring. You can literally create it from vintage, gently worn and re-purposed pieces such as dressers, buffets, end tables, dining tables, accent pieces and more.

Shabby Chic Furniture from Target

The pieces shown here are budget friendly selections from Target.com.

You are looking for that less-than-perfect appearance, with distressing, paint chips and other types of gentle wear and tear. White or light pastels work very well in this type of decorating style, as do light to medium wood finishes.

Feel free to mix and match the painted and natural wood finishes, and if a wicker piece calls out your name, go ahead and give it a home!

The other furniture selections in the space should be comfortable and casual, with soft edges. Nothing stark and cold about this style. The furnishings should blend together well with an overall appearance of lightness and subtle femininity.

What Types of Fabrics to Select for Your
Shabby Chic Home

Soft florals, stripes and checks are great choices in shabby chic style. Feel free to mix and match, making sure that if you have a large print floral, for example your other fabric patterns will be smaller overall.

Soft pinks, greens, blues and white/off-white fabrics always work well...emphasize the color or colors that you love the most, so beautifully shown in this Bedroom.

You will place these fabrics on comfortable upholstery (slipcovers look great in a shabby chic space and can find new purpose for a dated but sturdy piece), rugs, pillows, even lampshades. Use your imagination, just don’t get so carried away that your space becomes a dizzying array of patterns.

Shabby chic decor must always retain an aura of elegance. Remember that.

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How to Place the Shabby Chic Decor to Solidify the Style

Simple Shabby Chic Style Ideas

If you have been studying shabby chic decorating, you know that there is always a little bit of crystal elegance in the space.

It could be as simple as cabinet pulls to create a Shabby Style vibe in the Kitchen, or you might make a statement with a vintage style chandelier with delicate crystals hanging from it.

Your space can also include some lace, quilts, comforters and other such types of soft and vintage accessories.

Accessories and accents in Shabby Chic decorating

Look for unique pieces that are elegant and have soft curves to them.

New, re-purposed or vintage, it doesn't matter as long as you love the piece.

Keep the Window Treatments Light, Flowing and Soft

Picture a long lace panel gently rustling in a soft breeze that is coming in through an open window in the space, and that will tell you what kind of fabric to use at the windows.I love the elegance of the chaise in this vignette from a Shabby Style home.

It doesn’t have to be lace, but it does have to rustle in the breeze!

Display Collections of Things You Love
in Your Shabby Style Home

What types of collections do you love? At one time, I had a collection of vintage ladies gloves, handkerchiefs and teacups. Any or all of these collections could be displayed in a shabby style space.

Display collections in Shabby Chic Deco

Your own interpretation of shabby chic may place an emphasis on the 'shabby' style of decor, or, a little more to the 'chic' interpretation.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your comfortable, soft and simply elegant surroundings.

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