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Shabby Chic Bathrooms

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Shabby chic bathrooms are simply elegant, vintage inspired spaces that welcome you with soft colors and comfortable style. It's a cost effective way to create a beautiful bathroom.

Decorating your home or room in casual, romantic style will always include some fundamentals, so let's talk about those first!

Elements of Shabby Chic Bathrooms

  • The color scheme will include white, ivory, and pale shades of pink, blue and green.
  • There will be a mix and match of fabrics such as stripes, florals and checks, tea stained fabrics and flea market finds.
  • Window dressings are simple, breezy and unemcumbering, including cotton, gauze and lace.
  • Vintage pieces, or reproductions, are always part of the shabby chic plan
  • Furniture includes soft curves, not sharp angles
  • Touches of elegance are present...think of crystal, flowers, iron scroll work and candles, to name a few
  • The overall look is comfortable elegance that is well planned and never messy or cluttered

Beautiful, graceful Shabby Style finishes in the bath above. Not over the top with a roomful of decor, but an understated style interpretation that stays in neutral tones. Notice how the paint colors compliment each other from the ceiling down to the floor. There is a lot of wood in this room but it doesn't feel overwhelming.

The large window and lovely view set the stage for this simply finished Bath with some elements of Shabby Chic incorporated into it. Notice the sheer window treatment, flowers on the vintage cart, decorative items on the shelves. Very simply done, but lovely. You don't have to crowd a space with a bunch of stuff to make a style statement.

original photo source unknown

Unique style interpretation in the image shown above. The vessel sinks are a nod to today's more Contemporary styling. But the rest of the finishes create a vintage look with elements of Shabby style in the unique light fixtures, mirror, faucets and decor. A very interesting space!

A lot of Shabby Chic style was packed into this small Bathroom space. A mix of vintage pieces, skirted fabric and decorative accents create a cozy, welcoming space.

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Now, let's take all of these great characteristics from above as well as the images shown and apply them to creating Shabby Chic Bathrooms...

The great thing is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to create this look. It's very budget friendly!

Paint can go a long way toward creating an atmosphere. Choose from soft blue, green or pink, or even a neutral buff color for the walls. The trim should be white.

Consider beaded board (moisture resistant) two-thirds of the way up the walls for a vintage look if your budget and bathroom will accommodate. It is shown in the neutral bath above.

If faux finishing is appealing to you, use a muted touch to create a soft overall look...nothing too bold or overstated.

Tile or wood floors? Use soft, cushy rugs on the floor, keeping with the established color palette.

How about the fixtures? If you have a clawfoot bathtub, that's perfect. For the standard tub/shower unit, find a fabric or lace shower curtain.

A pedestal sink would work well, particularly one with soft graceful lines. However, if your bath has the standard cabinet and sink combo, no worries. The colors you select and the accent pieces placed in the space will still create the shabby look.

Consider an antique (real or reproduction) mirror, as shown in the image above. The mirror here is the focal point of the Bath, with the rest of the finishes understated.

Paint/distress the cabinets and put crystal pulls on the doors and drawers.

Bring in an antique piece for storage and display.

Use soft, flowing curtains at the window, nothing heavy. If privacy is needed, use a simple shade or wood blinds.

Adorn the walls with vintage prints. Add other accessories as noted above that work for your space and your lifestyle.

Vintage mirror collection in bath


The photo shown above is a great example of using a vintage mirror collection to provide function as well as wall decor in the bath.

Remember that you can create a beautiful bathroom without spending a lot of money, and, by bringing in the most fundamental aspects of this design style.

In Shabby Chic Decor, it's all about the search for just the right pieces and accents in a room, and the Bathroom is no exception. Here are some  suggestions worth considering for this area of your home as well as other Shabby spaces:

Whether your goal is total and complete 'shabby chic' style or a little more understated, enjoy your beautiful personal space!

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