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Bedrooms are a personal expression of who you are and how you choose to relax and unwind. Shabby Chic style spaces are no exception.

Therein lies the foundation of your design for the bedroom, whether it be a master suite, guest room or child's room.Remember that a bedroom, for most, is a place of rest, relaxation, peace and (thank goodness) stress relief!

Always bear that thought in mind while planning the design and decor of bedrooms shabby style. Why? Hold that thought...we'll come back to it shortly.

Created in the 1980's by founder and designer Rachel Ashwell, this casually romantic style has remained an immensely popular form of interior decor. Your home is centered around the theme of graceful, used-but-not-abused furniture and accessories with soft colors, fabrics and surroundings.

If you are a shabby chic decor lover, you know that this is a relaxed and comfortable style with quite a bit of latitude when it comes to putting the design of the room together.

Here are some fundamentals to keep in mind for bedrooms:

COLOR - white, off white, ivories and creams are always present in this decor style.

Faded rose, blue and green are most likely going to appear in the color palette as well, although you can introduce other colors and shades as long as they are muted and subtle.

A mix of patterns, such as a soft floral, muted stripe, etc. are all part of the shabby chic decor style. And it's okay to use white and off white or cream together in the room.

WALLS - should be painted a soft color that reflects the light coming in through the bedroom windows. An eggshell or satin finish will add a slight 'glow' to the space without being too shiny, and it is washable.

Whether it is an off white, a rosy tint, faded sage, etc., just make sure it is soft, soft, soft.

Paint the ceiling and trim white or off white.

Which style of Shabby Chic Bedroom appeals to you?


Feminine and soft, the colors, patterns and placement create a welcoming Shabby vintage style bedroom. This is a great example of combining function and display.


A bit of mint green uplifts this Shabby Chic styled bedroom. Simply styled, each piece lends it's own personality to the space. I love the bedside table with the owl standing on the base.


I love the subtle color palette in this bedroom, with a surprising contrast in the black/white checked floor. The same color contrast is picked up in a more subtle way in the bed covering and accent pillows.

photo source unknown

The vintage four poster bed is the focal point of this Shabby Chic space. Shades of soft green and rose make the room flow gracefully. I particularly like the fabric on the roman shades.

FLOORS - Wood floors with area rugs and throw rugs are a good choice in bedrooms of this style. If there is carpeting in the room it should be a light color with a soft, short pile.

FURNITURE - Shabby chic bedrooms are furnished in the same way as other rooms in your shabby chic home, and that is with a eye for gently worn, vintage pieces.

Distressed chest from Layla Grace

This can be accomplished with reproduction pieces, true vintage, flea market or pieces that you have around the house and are going to reuse.

Look for pieces that are light in color, or can be painted and slightly distressed if they are flea market finds. And, remember that a matched bedroom set is NOT what you are looking for in this style of decor.

Mix and match your pieces, with the consistency coming in the color, graceful appearance, touches of iron in the drawer pulls, etc.

Do you have room in your space for a comfortable reading chair, side table and sweet little lamp? Put a small comfy rug under the pieces, or in front of the chair, to create a special place to relax.

Shabby Chic Chandelier

LIGHTING - You can enjoy the lighting experience in shabby chic bedrooms and have fun with a chandelier hanging gracefully from the ceiling, crystals sparkling , possibly some soft colors intertwined. Use a dimmer switch to allow for varying mood lighting.

Lamps can have fabric printed shades, soft colors, beading, crystals and other such touches. Remember to keep the function of the lighting in mind.

If you enjoy reading a good book in bed, make sure your lamp is not only style worthy but sheds enough light to read by!

BEDDING - Soft, cushy, mushy, lots of pillows, prints and muted colors. I've pulled together some really lovely choices for you...find them below.

WINDOW TREATMENTS - Think of graceful, flowing soft fabric when contemplating the windows in shabby chic bedrooms.

Lace panels for a Shabby Chic Bedroom

A white or off white fabric panel works very well when the walls are painted a soft color.

For privacy, consider duette shades that can 'disappear' during the day and provide privacy at night.

ACCESSORIES - Here is your opportunity to have fun and bring in the touches that truly express your love of shabby chic.

Family pictures in antique silver frames, candles, some touches of lace (antique if you can find it), wrought iron accents.

Use mirrors, reproduction or vintage, in your space. Small, medium large...combine them to create a collage of interesting finishes and shapes.


How pretty is this duvet cover set? This pink and gray floral print is pieced with gray and white polka dot fabric. Solid pink and solid gray while ruffle details separate each pattern.

It's also a complete set, including 1 duvet cover, 2 standard shams, 1 bed skirt, 3 decorative pillows, 1 euro shams.

If you're just not sure what type of bedding to use in your Shabby Chic style home, it's always wise to err to the simple and accessorize!

This pin tucked diamond design can be the foundation for your room by adding accent pillows, perhaps a throw, window treatments and accent rugs to create your personal Shabby space.

Beautiful, soft color in this comforter set, could be the perfect shade if you're looking for something a with a bit more color but still lovely and subtle.

Highly rated by past purchasers, and a complete set that includes 1 Comforter, 2 shams, 1 bed skirt, 2 deco pillows, 2 euro shams

If you love, love, love the ruffly, feminine Shabby Chic look, here is a comforter set for you! Offered in both white and ivory, the fabric is soft to the touch as reported by past purchasers.

If you put a comforter set like this in your bedroom it will definitely be the focal point.

Wayfair is always my go-to source when shopping for myself or my home staging business. Learn more about why I love Wayfair and see some of my purchases.

Now, let's come back to the thought of our bedroom being, above all, a place of rest and relaxation. Shabby chic bedrooms can be designed to create an informally elegant look and feel, and be just what you need at the end of a long day.

However, be aware that too much of a good thing can lead to a result that may not be what you intended.

If you're not thoughtful and mindful of the actual function and role of the bedroom, you might create a flea market look and end up stressing yourself out with the clutter!

So make your selections thoughtfully and place them carefully in your shabby chic style bedroom.

Your goal is to create a relaxed, welcoming and casually elegant look without it coming off as contrived.

If you think adding one more piece might be too much, then don't do it.

Live with the room for awhile and then decide if adding more is a good thing.

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