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Why I Love to Shop at Wayfair

Wayfair.com that is...

I love to shop at Wayfair, and I'm always telling people about it. As the owner of a busy Home Staging and Interior Decorating business, it's my go-to source for just about anything I need for staging projects. Wayfair is also the first online shopping resource I recommend to design clients.

And, like many of my readers, I'm always decorating on a budget. So Wayfair is also my personal, #1 choice when looking for furniture, accessories and other purchases for my home.

The image below was taken in early 2017 on Captiva Island, FL. Very cool, very high end home that was suffering from a lack of color and as a result, personality and warmth.

I went to my Wayfair source to find budget friendly, but still awesome, pieces to create an upscale Coastal look.

So, what do I specifically love about shopping at Wayfair.com?

  • The inventory is seemingly endless. I have never searched for a particular product and had a zero response come back. In fact, there is always a generous selection of items.
  • Pricing is always competitive, always.
  • Products are offered in a wide, wide range of prices, so no matter the budget, you're sure to find options in your price range, high or low.
  • When you shop at Wayfair, they will always tell you about the availability and ship time - this is a big one for me, as timing of shipments is critical when planning staging jobs. My experience has been that if they say an item will arrive by a certain date, it arrives by that date or earlier.
  • There is a very good chance that your purchase will arrive intact, with no damage. Of course, things happen, but I have been extremely pleased with the lack of damage to my purchases.
  • Returns are not difficult with Wayfair. In the event that I had to return something it was not an excruciating process.

...more reasons to Shop at Wayfair

Now, the thing about purchasing furniture online is that most of the time you will be putting it together, even if it means just screwing in the legs of the chair, for example. You need to be okay with that.

One of the reasons the pricing from Wayfair is so good is that the furniture does not come assembled most of the time. (I was pleasantly surprised, though, when a set of nesting tables I ordered for my living room came fully assembled :)

I'm actually really good at putting end tables, coffee tables, parsons chairs, writing desks, love seats, etc. together because I've done it so much over the last couple of years.

If that's not your thing, just make sure to read all about the item before purchasing. The details will tell you if it has to be assembled, and sometimes there is a PDF of the actual instructions so you can see them ahead of time.

Or, make arrangements to have a spouse, relative or friend put the piece together for you.

One other helpful hint: when you shop at Wayfair: if you are considering a larger piece such as a console table, accent chair, desk, love seat, sofa, etc., pay attention to the dimensions and the weight of the item.

The standard delivery is to your door, not into your home and/or up the stairs. Be ready for that and make arrangements if needed.

Remember the photo at the top of the page from Captiva Island, FL? Here are some of the individual pieces I purchased
by shopping at Wayfair

Here are two more photos of the Captiva Island home with products purchased from Wayfair.com:

Den in home on Captiva Island, FLDen in home on Captiva Island, FL.
The futon, chairs and area rug were purchased from Wayfair

If you enjoy Home Staging and would like to see the Before/After photos of this home, go to 16464 Captiva Dr

I'll be adding more project (and some personal) photos, to show some of the really cool pieces I've purchased, and why I love to shop at Wayfair.

You can click on any of the links here to begin (or continue) your own journey with Wayfair.com!

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As a business owner and webmaster of this site, I offer readers the opportunity to purchase home decorating products through affiliate links. When a reader clicks on a link and then purchases a product, I earn a small commission, which helps to offset the cost of owning a website. Thank you!

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