Simple Home Decorating Ideas
easy on the budget!

Simple home decorating ideas that can take a ho-hum space and turn it into a uniquely designed home interior. Sometimes the cheap decorating ideas can be the best!

And, if you are short on time, no worries. Many of these design tips are quick as well as simple.

There are two things you should always do before embarking on any home decorating project:

First, spend some time in your 'design project room' and decide what you want to achieve with your project. There is nothing more frustrating than making decisions before you know what you are trying to accomplish.

Second, decide how much you are able to spend on this home decor project, even if the number is small. Be realistic and stick to the budget, whatever it is, and you will minimize stress.

Five Simple Home Decorating Ideas

Simple Home Decorating Ideas

1. Color Palette - what is the color palette in this space? Hopefully it is consistent with the rest of the colors in your home  :)

A very simple way to change the mood of a space is to introduce a new accent color, so that is idea #1.

For example, if the current colors in your room are shades of brown, aqua and green, bring in a few accents of tangerine. That will liven up the palette for sure.

Use the new accent color carefully if it is bright and a fabric on an accent pillow, in a small accent rug, in a floral arrangement, etc. Just a touch will go a long way.

2. Paint - it is amazing what a change of wall color can do for a room!

Let's use our example from above and say that the walls are currently a light tan, which is fine, but not particularly exciting.

We will put a simple decorating idea into action and change the wall color to a dusty, muted shade of green. It will soften up the entire space and shed a soft, natural light to the room.

3. Re-Purpose/Re-Design - one of my personal favorites! I love to see how a room or space can be changed just by switching out the furniture and accessories that you already own. Cheap decorating for sure!

This is not hard at all to do as long as you keep an open mind. The key to success is to look at each piece in your room or space without making an assumption as to it's placement or use.

At a minimum, move the furniture in this space around and create a new look. Ask yourself this long has it been, really, since the furniture was moved in this space. That's what I thought.

Pull the pieces away from the walls if possible, to create conversational groupings.

Decorating with Artwork

Take a walk through the other rooms in your home and switch out one or two of the accent pieces such as an end table, coffee table, sofa table, etc.

A very simple home decor tip is to do the very same thing with your wall decor and accessories. Move that artwork! Even if you decide to keep it in the space, place it on a different wall, but ideally, find another room in your home for that piece.

4. Area Rugs - another simple and cost effective way to create a warm and inviting space.

Remember tip #3, moving the furniture around in the space? Well, hopefully you will do that and thus create an opportunity for an area rug. Particularly if your room is large, an area rug can help to define a space and break up one that otherwise could become monotonous.

How about a runner, or a small accent rug or two? Look for opportunities to add color, pattern and interest with area rugs. And please...don't buy matching accent rugs! Keep the color palette consistent but maintain the goal of creating an interesting and unique space. The worst thing that can happen is that you won't like how the rugs look in the room and return one of them. Take a design chance.

5. Window Treatments - another area where you can have fun with simple treatments that give a space some personality.

Colorful window treatment in dining area

I love the window treatment in this dining area. It is not complicated at all, yet breathes such life into the space.

Very simple to do:

First, neutral color roman shades are placed on the windows - I think these may be a nubby textured type of fabric.

Then, colorful fabric floor length drapes are hung on a decorative rod to complete the look.

This combination will work with just about any style of decorating by adjusting the type of shade, fabric and rod that are used.

So there you have it...some simple home decorating ideas that are easy and budget friendly. Have fun!

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