Small Bathroom Makeovers & Designs

a small space can be beautiful & functional!

Small Bath Makeovers

Here are the best ideas for small bathroom makeovers, including selecting bathroom colors, to create beautiful bathrooms no matter the size. Small areas can live large in design, interest and style!

So you have a teeny, tiny bathroom and want to make it more user-friendly? It can be a challenge to accomplish, particularly if your budget won't allow for anything more than cosmetic adjustments.

We'll discuss both small bathroom makeovers and decorating a small bathroom the inexpensive way!

The image above is a wonderful example of how to create style and function in a small bathroom

Small bathroom makeovers usually entail ripping out the old and installing the new.

If you are replacing fixtures as part of your small bathroom design project, replace them with fixtures that take up as little space as possible.

Small Bathroom Makeover

For example, if you are removing an existing sink/cabinet combo,replace it with a pedestal sink.

If your project to create a beautiful small bathroom includes replacing the bathtub, consider if this bathroom can function effectively both now and in the future with a shower unit. They take up less space and serve the same purpose. Corner showers can work well, depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas and Photos

small bath with whimsical wallpaper


This small bath was refreshed and given some fun personality with the addition of whimsical wallpaper on the walls and the ceiling.

The peach toned tile blends in and is no longer the focus of the bath...occupants are too busy enjoying their interesting surroundings!

The neutral color palette is important as well.

Soft colors keep everything in balance in this small bathroom.

The dusky blue of the cabinet is offset by the gentle taupe on the walls and cream accents.

A simple piece of artwork, small patterned shower curtain and nickel finishes on the fixtures finish the look.

Simple yet stylish!

Soft shades of blue and taupe in this small bath

uploaded from Pinterest

Small bath with subway tiles and dramatic accents

image source unknown

Interesting use of accent color on the walls of this small bath. The white subway tiles anchor the wall with the deeper shade of gray-green above.

I like the personality that is created with the accents:

  • the mirror is hung slightly below the wainscoating
  • black iron mixes with pewter
  • the 'dotted' feel of the floor
  • wire patterned grate

It's the little details that make a room stand out!

Soft, organic feel to this small bathroom makeover...soothing and tranquil.

Neutral colors so nothing is overly dramatic, which continues the spa-like feel of the space. Even the towels are placed on shelving that seems to disappear on the wall.

The bathtub area has been opened up to create a larger feel, and touches of greenery keep the natural, organic look flowing.

I can picture the old, outdated, boring bath that came before this transformation...I'll take this one!


Create different layouts on paper, nothing fancy, to see what options you might have to open up the space a little bit. Be sure to get a professional opinion and estimate, however, before taking any action on your ideas. You want to make sure your pocketbook matches your creativity!

The next step in your small bathroom makeover is to consider the floor and tub/shower area (if this is a full bath).

It's usually a good idea when decorating a small bathroom to keep the floor tiles light and neutral in color; the same goes for tub/shower tiles if applicable.

Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Note: Price out one-piece tub/shower units before making your decision. They are easy to install, easy to clean and look great!

When selecting floor tiles for your small bath design project, avoid shiny, slippery tiles, for obvious reasons. Select a tile that has a matte finish, and possibly a slight nubby feeling to help minimize slip and falls.

How about the entry door to the bathroom - does it open and close easily or is it in the way?

My folks have a powder room that is so small, they took the door off and replaced it with a bi-fold door that almost disappears when open. And the fact that it does not swing into the little bath is a plus, too.

These small bathroom makeover and design ideas can apply to any decor situation, so listen up! Most of these ideas are budget friendly and all will help to create the beautiful bathroom you desire.

Bathroom color selection when decorating a small bathroom can be a daunting decision for some.

Here is my philosophy with small bathrooms: Use Any Color You Want :)

The room is really small, so you may as well have fun with it. Keep the floors and ceiling light in color and have fun with the rest!

Now, having said that, if your goal in decorating your small bathroom is to select bathroom colors to enhance the feeling of spaciousness as much as possible, then of course stay with neutrals on the walls, off-white shades preferably.

Bring in one or two other colors with your accessories, or keep those in neutral shades as well.

Colors for a Small Bat


Have fun with bathroom colors if you want to create a special theme or style. Faux finishes can create a beautiful, textured appearance and add interest to an otherwise uninteresting little space.

I had a friend who painted the walls of her powder room navy blue and then finished them off with random gold stars of different sizes (hand painted).

There were other 'gold star' accents in the bath as well along with an interesting little lamp on the counter and beautifully scented candles. It was great!

Just remember that paint is your friend and can make a dramatic difference in any room at a relatively small cost.

Storage is usually an issue in a small bathroom, and yours is probably no exception. There are many options for shelving, small cabinets, baskets, etc. all in a variety of media and textures. Have fun and look for pieces that have the same overall theme, or feel to them but are not exact matches.

Finally, find one really interesting item for your small bathroom makeover.

Perhaps it is a vintage mirror found at a flea market, or a unique picture that makes a dramatic statement in the bathroom (hint: don't be afraid to put a larger piece of artwork in your small bathroom - just don't hang it too high!), or a beautiful little rug.

Whatever that piece is, it will be the focal point of the teeny tiny bathroom. And that's a good thing!

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