Small Home Decorating Ideas
make the most of a compact space

Small Home Decorating

Small home decorating doesn't have to be a huge challenge if you know how to prioritize, follow some basic guidelines and remember to keep things simple as you are decorating your home.

Whether your decorating project revolves around a single family home, condo, villa, duplex or apartment, the design strategies are the same.

So, here they are...ready? You will be surprised at how simple decorating a small home can be.

First, determine two very important elements
of any decorating project:

Decorating a Small Home

1) Your own decorating style preferences, and,

2) Your color palette

These two decisions set the stage for designing and decorating any type of space.

Along with your preferred style of decorating, select three colors that will comprise your color palette.

Small home decorating means that for the most part, the shades on the walls will be light, with accents of deeper tones in accessories.

Let say, for example, that you love cottage style decorating, and your color palette will consist of green, peach and rose, with peach being shade you want to use on the walls of your home. That's a great start!

Here is the goal for your small home decorating project: You want to have a smooth flow from room to room of the space, so using your decorating style and color palette, determine a unifying theme that can be carried throughout each room of your home.

Using our example of Cottage style decor, we determine that it is simple, casual, sometimes rustic and vintage. So, the unifying theme in this decorating project for a small home is going to be roses.

The rose theme could be found in vintage artwork (real or reproduction), in accessories, fabrics, etc. But somewhere in each room of this small home there will be roses.

Now for the next step - Floors and Walls

Decorating a small space using color

The same is true for the walls. In our cottage style example we know that peach is the shade selected for the walls.

A very soft shade of peach should be used throughout most of the rooms in the home. A slightly deeper peach could be used in the master bedroom, for example, and possibly a faux finish of peach tones in the den.

The exception (in my book, anyway) is the bathroom. These rooms are small in nature, and particularly in small home decorating. So go ahead and use a different, deeper shade or color, as long as it is in your selected color palette.

Try to avoid using a different flooring element in each room of a small home. Consistency in the flooring helps to make the space flow & appear larger.

By keeping the walls a similar shade you are minimizing the 'smallness' of the home because everything will flow smoothly to the eye. Make sense? I hope so!

Your goal is to keep the floor treatment as consistent as possible throughout your home, so the rooms will flow from one to the other.

For example, if you have wood floors in the living/dining area, continue them throughout other rooms as much as possible.

Small bathroom Ideas

Windows and lighting are key to a successful decorating project. Take advantage of as much natural light as you can, and keep the window treatments simple and light.

In our cottage style example, our small home is going to have lace panels on simple iron rods with duette shades for privacy at night (they can be pulled up during the day to let the sunlight in).

Here is another great tip for small home decorating - use closets to their fullest advantage. Invest in some additional shelving and organizers, for example, to store anything that is not used every day. Clutter is the enemy! It will quickly turn a charming small home into a clumsy and messy affair.

Make sure the closets have very good lighting as well, so you can quickly and efficiently find what you need.

Selecting furnishings for smaller spaces

Furnishings should reflect the chosen color palette, with smaller accessories having the deepest tones for punch and drama. Keep the scale of your furnishings consistent with the size of your rooms.

Here is one suggestion, though, that you might want to try. Find one unique and dramatic piece for a room, even if it is a little bit larger and/or bolder than expected, and use that piece as the focal point in the room.

Just make sure that the other pieces in the room complement, not conflict, with this piece.

So there you have it - small home decorating in just a few simple steps. Follow these guidelines, decorate from the heart with things you love to see around you every day, and your small home will be large in style and personality!

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