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Small Home Office Design Ideas

Small Home Office

Design ideas to help you make the most of the small home space you have.

Be efficient and organized, and still have fun with your home office area.

The photo shown below from smallplacestyle.com is a great example of what can be accomplished with a small space.

Many people have the desire and the need for home office space, but just don’t have the square footage available for a room set aside for this purpose.

No worries! Take these small home office design ideas and tips and incorporate the best for your particular setting, budget and usage needs.

Small Hoe Office Desig

home office furniture


home office color schemes

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small home office designs

small office designs

home office design ideas

home office designs

Find the most practical space in your home for your small home office:

1) A closet - walk in or otherwise

2) A nook, or inset area created by built in bookshelves, for example. See more small office spaces like the one shown below at hgtv.com

3) A corner of a room or space

4) Any area that you can carve out of an existing room

Keep the size of the desk, files, shelves, etc. consistent with the size of the space you are working with. I know it sounds obvious, but do your homework to measure carefully and visualize the results before making purchases.

Use shelving, bookcases and other similar types of storage to use as much height as practical for your home office supplies and equipment.

And, don’t just throw your materials on the shelves...keep things in bins, baskets, etc. so you can find them when needed.


Clear out a closet and organize it to fit your needs. In this example, a pendant light was installed for task lighting.

I love the colorful and fun way this space was created...you don't want to feel like you're hiding in the closet!

A simple white sawhorse desk provides the function in this small corner work area.

Just enough space to get the job done, and the modern white desk chair provides the surprise in the decor.


Designs for a Small Office

White boards, message boards and room dividers (they serve double duty!)are also a means of keeping important information at your fingertips.

Keep organization and minimal clutter as your two top priorities. If you don’t use something regularly, it doesn’t need to be within arm’s reach.

Make a commitment to go through pending files and paperwork at least once a week, and discard or store anything that is not useful or ready for action.

Look for ways to use your office furniture for multiple purposes. For example, a storage cabinet (or 2 side-by-side) could double as a worktop space when needed.

Consider an office armoire for your home office needs. Open the doors, pull up a chair and your office is ready to go. When you’re finished working simply close the armoire doors and your office transforms into a lovely piece of furniture in your room.

I used an armoire office for a couple of years due to space constraints. It was small, but served the purpose and kept my computer equipment and office files organized and at my fingertips.

Finally, remember to make this office space your own. What I mean by that is to include the home office color scheme that you love, as well as your individuality as expressed by the choices you've made. Have fun with this project and enjoy the fruits of the result!

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