Today's Traditional Home Decorating Style

Traditional Home Decorating

If you enjoy a classic style of putting together a room in your home, you probably gravitate to a Traditional Style of decor.

I know what you may be thinking about... Aunt Sally's sitting room with wing back chairs, crown and chair molding, oriental rugs, matching crystal lamps on matching side tables and ornately adorned windows, among other fond 'home decor' memories.

And all of these things are indeed a part of the classic American home decorating style.

Many folks enjoy the symmetry, the orderliness and predictability of this style of decor, and that is a good thing.

Others may find it just a little bit 'old fashioned' and although they enjoy the idea of the style, they're looking for a more updated interpretation.

Traditional Home Decorating Idea

What is today's Traditional Home decorating Style?

The foundational elements are still a part of the design theme. You'll find comfortable upholstered furniture with classic lines, not overstated or overly ornate.

The fabric patterns may be floral, stripe, plaid or other type of overall design, although you won't find extremely bold, bright colors or shiny textures on the upholstery.

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Color schemes are somewhat lighter than formal traditional style decor, with wall colors a lighter shade in the palette.

There may be a darker shade or color in the palette used as an accent in the room for a hint of drama, but only a hint!

For example, a color palette may include light buttery gold, sea foam green and raspberry, with accents of hunter green and burgundy.

The lighter colors will be used on walls and furnishings, with the accents weaved in as part of the accessories, floor coverings, artwork, etc.

Window treatments are not the heavily draped yards of fabric found in Aunt Sally's sitting room, but a lighter, updated version.

There may be draped valances with a sheer pleated shade for privacy, but still allowing much of the window and sunlight to shine through.

The windows may be trimmed out in painted molding on the sides and crown across the top, to match the crown molding in the room.

It is a simple, classic updated look that works well with wood blinds.

Decorating Traditional Style


Case goods - The wood found in today's traditional home decor is typically a medium finish, with classic lines that are straight to somewhat curved, but not ornate.

And, each piece does not have to come from the same exact line (that means they don't have to all match!). There has to be an element that ties all of the wood pieces together, but a little variety is okay, as long as there is consistency.

For example, the case goods might be a light cherry finish, with a coffee table that has an inset glass top and slightly flared legs.

The end tables are the same light cherry finish, but may have wood tops and straight legs; one is a round lamp table and the other is a rectangular end table.

Accessories in usually bring about thoughts of ornate gilded mirrors and dark framed landscapes.

Today's home decorating ideas for a traditional decorating style bring with it a lighter, cleaner look. Mirrors are still a great addition to any room, but the frame and style can be softer and less ornate.

The same thought applies to artwork in the room, as frames that are slightly lighter or darker with hints of gold will still provide that traditional look in a lighter overall manner.

Bedroom in traditional styl

Best of all, the lighting in today's traditional home decorating style does not have to consist of two matching lamps and a floor lamp!

There should be something that unites these pieces, as with the case goods, whether it is the shape of the base or style of the shade. As long as the theme is there, shop for an interesting piece that speaks to you and your traditional themed room.

Today's updated style maintains the comfortable, classic, (somewhat) predictable overall look of your Aunt Sally's sitting room, but creates a lighter, brighter version for today's lifestyles.

So enjoy being a traditional home enthusiast and create a comfortable, unique look for your home.

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