Tropical Bathroom Decor
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Tropical Bathroom Decor

Tropical bathroom decor can be as simple and understated, or as dramatic and colorful as you desire. There is no right or wrong way to turn a functional and utilitarian space into a restful  retreat.

Here are some ideas and resources for you to get your creative juices flowing!

This style of decor will always evoke a sense of the outdoors, including soft breezes, natural flowing palm branches, elements found near the water...stones and pebbles, grasses and flowers...sand and sun.

Along with that vision is the decision whether to go

1) colorful and dramatic throughout the space,

2) neutral background with tropical colorful accents, or

3) a room that is overall neutral with natural elements completing the tropical theme - very understated but very elegant. You see an example of this type of tropical theme in the photo shown.

Tropical styled bathroom

Decide which decorating avenue fits your personality, lifestyle and budget, then take those visions and apply them to tropical bathroom decor.

Start with the floors and walls.

The floors may remain as they are for budget purposes, and that’s okay, particularly if they are tile. That will work just fine.

Find area rugs/a runner that is constructed of natural material such as jute or cotton, make sure that it can be made to be non-slip, and that will provide the foundation for the bathroom space.

You could have some fun with this decision and find a bright, tropical patterned rug that fits the area of the bath, washable for obvious reasons. Think of the drama and excitement you will create with a bold statement as the foundation for the space. I love this idea.

The walls are an area where you can let the colors flow freely and have fun with the theme. Deep shades of blue, aqua, peach, sage...any of these will set the stage for drama and fun.

Palm Tree Stencil

Think texture for the walls with a Tropical style bath.

Faux finish, stencils (no, not the goofy little things you rub on the walls. I mean the real stencils that are creative works of art.

I put a palm tree stencil on a wall that was almost 8 feet high and took about 12-15 hours to complete. Very cool), textured paints, etc.

A colorful tile back splash or in the shower can make an otherwise drab bathroom come to life, and be the focal point of your tropical decor. Use a light touch with shower curtains, window treatments, etc and let the tile take center stage.

You need to have the space to make it work well, but if you do, your bath can be the coolest room in the house!

I love the glass block half wall that separates the shower from the soaking tub in this tropical designed bath shown below...and of course the mural is awesome.


Of course the bathroom is a functional space, so certain elements will just be what they are.

So make your choices count when it comes to the mirror(s), fixtures, lighting, window treatments and finishes.

Think natural elements like bamboo, rattan, wicker and stone, and finishes such as bead board for walls and plantation shutters for windows.

Sheer flowing curtains at the windows will help to create the tropical feel in the bathroom if the layout allows.

source of photos above

If your bath has a lot of natural lighting,  bring the outdoors in as in the photo above. Very simple way to create a tropical atmosphere.

A neutral color palette sets the foundation for the breathtaking mural in the bath on the right above; notice the wood finishes, wall coverings and window treatments to help create the mood.

One word of caution, and that is to be careful not to mix too many different elements into the bathroom, or you might end up with a hodge podge of interesting finishes and selections that get lost in the jumble of overdoing the tropical bathroom decor.

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