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Design ideas to create a beautiful and authentic Tuscan style bathroom.

Capture the feel of simplicity and rustic elegance in this decor.

The photo shown below is from a Tuscan home, and is actually one of several photos of the same home I have used in this section.

If I were to describe this room in a word or two, I would say it is simple yet rustically elegant. (Is ‘rustically’ a word? Not sure but I like it).

Tuscan Bathroom Design

What elements do we see? Wood...tile...ceramic...stucco...and simple touches of natural greenery. Not a lot of fluff and actually, not a lot of color in this particular bath, either.

To create a rustic Tuscan style in your home, you might want to utilize color and texture to present a little more dramatic impact in the decor. And that’s okay, just remember these simple guidelines for Tuscan decor:

  • Floors should be tile, preferably the rich Tuscan colors of gold, bronze and brown. Or, wood flooring in medium tones would also create the foundation for your Tuscan bath decor.
  • Walls will ideally have a stucco or faux finish to create a look of texture, and be painted with either an off-white or a shade of yellow/gold.




Dining Room




Paint Colors

Beautifully Rustic Tuscan Bath


  • Counter tops would look the part if they were a richly textured granite, but if that is not in the budget then opt for natural tones that complement the floors and walls
  • Fixtures in a rustic brown/copper, possibly with a vessel sink, would continue the Tuscan theme.
  • Accessories are where you can develop the decor without spending a lot of money, if the budget is slim. Stay true to the color palette...warm tones of gold, green blue, purple and brown.

Look for accent pieces with natural textiles and elements, as Tuscan design encompasses nature and simplicity.

Greenery is always found in Tuscan homes, so plants in terra cotta urns will fit in with the decor as well as enjoy the humidity that is often present in the space.

Iron accents, whether a wall shelf, picture frame, soap container, etc. will help create the Tuscan bath design you desire.

Tuscan style for the bath

Keep your Tuscan decor simple, natural and understated, and you’ll create a beautiful and functional bathroom design to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

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