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Bedroom ideas that will complement your authentic Tuscan decor as well as an updated, colorful Tuscany style bedroom. How are they different?

An authentically designed room maintains the simple, natural Tuscan country feel.

We'll use the photo below as our example, which is from a home in Tuscany, Italy.

If you study this for a moment you will find the underlying theme of a bedroom in Tuscany.

The floors are tile in this photo, although a wood floor also would be appropriate. Throw rugs made from natural materials could certainly have a place here as well.

Tuscan Bedroom Ideas and Inspirations

The walls are white (or cream), with minimal accessories.

The ceiling in this room is wood and beam. Other options would include wood beams on a stucco ceiling, or just plain unadorned ceiling. You want to refrain from any type of additional treatments that would change the direction of the Tuscan bedroom style. This is not the place for crown molding and tray ceilings.

The windows are very simple, with wood trim and plain shutters. A simple white cotton panel would work here, as well as a lace curtain panel, in place of the shutters.

The furniture is wood and iron with marble and tile accents. Although we can't see the headboard in this photo, it is most likely black wrought iron. There will be an armoire in the Tuscany bedroom as well, sturdy and functional.

The lighting is in keeping with the room, simple and functional.

An iron base would work well, with a shade that is not too elaborate. Antiques are good; track lighting is out.

Bed linens and coverings are white or light colored and made of cotton. Almost every bed cover in this style bedroom is a Matelasse, which is a cotton jacquard fabric. The term itself refers to the type of weave used in this triple-woven fabric.

These simple white blankets add calm and warmth to the bedroom and the weave creates a subtle design on the cover itself.

Pictures and accessories are kept to a minimum, with family photos in metal/antique frames found in most in authentic Tuscan style bedrooms. Artwork will most often consist of botanical prints.

An updated Tuscany style bedroom reflects some of the 'liberties' taken to create a more colorful and for some, comfortable, atmosphere.

You'll find that the Tuscany style bedroom shown in the photo at the right has several major design differences:

Tuscany Style Bedroom

Color! The walls and ceiling are awash with a beautiful Tuscany textured gold and orange, reminding me of a setting sun.

Similar shades in deeper tones are found in the throw pillows on the bed, and on the bed skirt.

Furniture has more substance, with the darker tones of the wood pieces complementing the warm wall colors.

Accessories play a stronger role in this Tuscan bedroom, with greenery, scroll work on the walls and a colorful area rug completing the look.

There are no hard and fast rules for Tuscan decor, but if you are striving for an authentic look and feel, remain true to the 'givens' in this decor as described above.

Tuscany Style Bedroom


Whether you are creating a Tuscany home that reflects the simple country life or are most comfortable with a more updated Tuscan look, have fun creating your special piece of the Italian lifestyle!

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