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This rustic decorating style embodies the simple, comfortable and colorful life of Tuscany, with no pretense, just natural elements coupled with nature's beauty as reflected in warm bold colors.

Notice the rustic elegance in the Tuscan Style Kitchen shown above. Strong finishes and bold colors along with some updated and creative accents create the natural influence in this space.

If you take a moment to study the photo shown above, you'll see how the natural beauty of the Tuscan countryside inspires the people of the area to create a home that reflects what is around them.

Vibrant golds, greens, reds, oranges, purples and blues...no washed out colors here! Every color makes a statement, although Tuscan Decorating is not about overkill with color or any other element.

What makes this rustic Italian style of decorating, of living, so inviting is the blend of natural elements in a way that is casual and welcoming, not too formal, but with a sense of graciousness even in its simplicity.

What Elements Comprise Tuscan Decorating?

Color is used along with the elements and finishes that comprise Tuscan Style to create a strong and dramatic Family Room. Notice that all of the furniture pieces have a strong presence, both in structure and/or fabric. A touch of modern artwork adds the Eclectic touch to the space.

Stone - on the floors or walls, with naturally rougher edges

Textured finishes such as stucco on walls and ceilings. Consider faux finishes, color washing or other forms of texturizing some of the walls of your home.

Wood - beams, floors, furniture, and more. Wood product is a staple of Tuscan homes. Keep the furniture simple and for the most part unpainted, utilizing the natural finish of the element. Doors and trim should look like natural wood - don't paint it white or any other color.

Tile - usually terra cotta, although other tile can be used effectively as well, on floors, table tops and more.

Vibrant Color - as mentioned above, warm colors abound.

Use them on walls, as accents throughout the home and definitely in the flowers that are found both inside and outside.

Iron - in accessories, furniture bases, simple (not ornate) chandeliers.

Upholstery in light colors, usually plain fabrics, with a floral here and there for color and a softer counterpoint to the other elements.

Rustic elegance in this outdoor Porch, from the textured finish on the walls, to the wood beams and ceiling. From the richly tiled floors to the iron and wood finishes on the furnishings and accents. The white slip covered sofa and chairs pop with brightness against the natural surroundings in the space.

Water - an element that is almost always present in authentic Tuscan decor. Most times it is on the exterior in a fountain placed in a courtyard...use your imagination for your home and look for creative methods to bring this natural element into your Tuscan home.

Windows - keep them simple, with cotton or other organic fabrics in white or neutral shades. If privacy is a necessity, use simple wood blinds or roman shades with a finish that will blend in with the wood trim around the window.

Your particular style preferences and size of home may lend itself to a 'heavier' overall Tuscan look, with massive wood beams on the ceiling, oversize upholstered pieces, indoor fountain, large case goods, oversize floor tiles and more.

Tuscany Style Living Roo

Accessories that include beautifully colorful flowers, artwork that displays the magnificent Tuscan countryside, pottery and dinnerware with vibrant patterns...these are the finishing touches to your Tuscan decorating.

If you love the style and simplicity of the Tuscan life you can create your own unique version in any home!

I love the simply styled Tuscan Bedroom shown above. Nothing overdone, just a clean, organic look that shows the rustic beams and wood accents, tile floors, iron accents, simple window treatment and touch of flowers to complete the look.

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