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Budget friendly dining room design ideas for your Tuscan style home. Capture the feel of an authentic Tuscan dining area without spending a lot of money.

What attracts us to Tuscan decorating style? It could be the beautiful warmth of the color palette, with vivid hues of lavender, yellow, gold, red, green and natural earth tones.

Or perhaps the rustic, natural materials and elements found on the Tuscan countryside that are incorporated into the daily style of living find us wanting to embrace them.

The simplicity of a Tuscan dining room takes the colors, materials and traditions of the style and presents them in a way that creates a welcoming, informal atmosphere for family and friends to gather.

We want to create the feel of the northern Italian region of Tuscany, with the smells of its cooking and the visual richness of its distinctive style.

You can create your own retreat on a budget using these four elements of the Tuscan dining room:

  • The floors
  • The walls
  • The furnishings
  • The accessories

Ideally, your dining room floor will have tile that is in shades of brown, tan, honey and clay. Realistically, a tan or cream tile may be what you're working with, and that's fine. You'll add to it, to create the rustic decor you're looking for.

Examples of Tuscan Style Dining Furniture

If you have a wood floor in the space, even better.

Because Tuscan decor is natural and simple, a floor that has seen some use over time, with signs of wear, will actually help set the tone in the room.

Scatter rugs made from natural materials such as jute or cotton as well as a budget friendly area rug in beautiful Tuscan colors will create warmth in the room.

Shop at discount home decor stores or online to find great buys on good quality rugs. Feel free to use more than one rug in your dining room, at entry and exit points, under the table, to help create a conversation corner, etc.

Now for the walls. Tuscan homes typically have textured walls that bring the outdoors in, both in material and color. To keep the budget reigned in, opt for the color first and then the texture if possible.

The dining room is a great place to utilize a warm color such as a deep gold. If you can do nothing else, paint the walls! It is amazing how a coat (or two) of paint can change the look and feel of a space.

Three Tuscan Dining Room Style Interpretations

Here are three examples of Tuscan Dining Rooms, and they are all quite unique don't you think?


The first is a traditional style interpretation with textured walls, a bit more formal dining set and subtle, natural lighting as well as color palette.


The second image is a more casual, updated Tuscan style dining area, with warm color on the walls and Tuscan decor to create the style statement.


A more rustic interpretation is in the third image. No frills here, just simple and basic Tuscan style with a farmhouse influence.

Colors of TuscanColors of Tuscany

Texturizing the walls will bring even more of an authentic feel to the Tuscan dining room.

Here is a budget friendly tip for you - lime washing your walls to create the rustic ambiance of a Tuscan home. 

Easy directions can be found at

(Be sure to test your skills first on a color board before attempting to faux finish the entire room).

The dining room furniture in your Tuscan room can go the way of iron, glass and tile...or wood. Particularly if your dining area is small, think about a patio set that has an iron base, glass or tile top, and iron chairs. It doesn't matter if the furniture is indoor/outdoor, use it as it suits you.

Corn, olives, lavender, myrtle leaves, and music are motifs of the Tuscan region to keep in mind when selecting accessories for the dining room.

A little bit of curve to the legs of the table and chairs is fine, but overall should present a simple and solid look - nothing too dainty here.

If the chairs have a hard seat, look for chair cushions to make them more comfortable as well as provide a softer look for the space.

If your choice for the dining area is wood, think simple, rustic, natural and farmhouse style. If your space can handle it and lifestyle suits it, a long rectangular wood table, antique, is a great choice.

Shop at flea markets, consignment shops, craigslist, etc. to find the best deals. Remember that Tuscan dining room style is natural and many times well worn, so a few bumps and scratches fit in quite nicely.

Mismatched chairs with rush seats, for example, or even a bench, help to create the overall Tuscan look for the dining room.

Tuscan living almost always includes an armoire for storage, so keep an eye out for a well made and well priced antique or reproduction piece for the dining room.

Finally, the step that pulls everything together - the accessories.

One or two carefully selected pieces of artwork (it doesn't have to cost a fortune to look great) in simple wood frames, or an oval mirror with an scrolled iron frame can do wonders in pulling a room together.

Colorfully painted earthenware crocks, copper pots, natural reed baskets, sturdy wooden wine racks and iron baker’s racks are commonly used items that can be found at flea markets, department stores and consignment shops.

When accessorizing, find pieces that speak to you in style, shape and color. Sometimes you'll learn the story behind the piece and it becomes even more precious to you.

You might find a big old colorfully painted salad bowl, for example, that you place on the dining room table with a woven mat under it. Very simple but very fitting for the space.

Tuscan style decorating is not about how much 'stuff' you can stuff into a space, but rather a simple, light touch will create a more authentic decor.

Remember that using green plants will help create the natural, outdoor feeling in the space, just be careful about the use of silk or faux greens. If you don't have a green thumb, spend a little more to purchase authentic silk greens.

Enjoy creating your Tuscan dining room!

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