Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas for a Beautiful
Tuscany Style Decor!

Tuscan Kitchen Design

Design ideas for those who enjoy the strength and enduring quality of simple rustic elements along with the bold colors of the Italian countryside.

If this sounds like the style of kitchen you’ve always wanted to create, good! Read on for all of the particulars.

Elements of Tuscany Kitchen Decorating and Design

Beautiful and sophisticated Tuscan Style Kitchen design

The gorgeous kitchen shown above courtesy of bhg.com will give inspiration to you for sure, even if your budget won't allow for all of the upgrades shown.

Take what you love from it and apply it to your own kitchen. I love how the color palette remains neutral, with fabrics, tiles, pavers and wood finishes all blending together to create an upscale yet definitely Tuscan look.

Let’s talk about the colors of a Tuscan countryside:

Sunny Yellow

Forsythia #6907

Sherwin Williams Red Tomat

Tomato Red

Red Tomato #6607

Sherwin Williams Obstinate Orang

Vibrant Orange

Obstinate Orange #6884

Brilliant Blue

Jacaranda #6802

Sherwin Williams Dollop of Crea

Creamy Ivory

Navajo White #6126

Sherwin Williams Verdan

Olive Green

Verdant #6713

Sherwin Williams Cooled Blu

Deep Turquoise

Blue Peacock #0064

Sherwin Williams Java

Earthy Brown

Java #6090

Go to SherwinWilliams.com to see more colors.

Use these colors freely, and remember that varying shades of your selected color palette is always a good idea. For example, you might decide to use a light tan with vibrant orange, creamy ivory and a soft turquoise fabric on the chairs in your Tuscan kitchen.

Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas

This is the time to use a warm vibrant color on the walls of the kitchen, or at least an accent wall. Maybe you’ll decide to paint the soffit and nook area a deep yellow/gold, for example, and the remaining walls will be a soft shade of drab green.

Use your creativity, experiment on color boards and have some fun with Tuscan colors!

Ideally, these natural elements should be present somewhere in your kitchen area to maintain the authentic look:

Wood - on the floor in a natural finish, on the ceiling in the form rustic beams

Tile - another option for the floors, one the counter tops, back splash

Plaster - on the walls

Stone - an option for the floor, as a decorative accent on a portion of the walls.

Brick - an appropriate accent in a Tuscan Kitchen...think about the wood burning oven in the old days!

We built a log home several years back and used a type of tile on our bathroom floors that had the appearance of small stones. It was actually installed in 12x12 tiles, but the overall effect was awesome and very authentic in appearance, comfortable to walk on, too.


Tuscan kitchen design includes cabinets in warm wood finishes, such as the photo shown above. How about black iron cabinet pulls? Or consider a deep, almost black wood finish for the cabinets if your kitchen has the size to handle such a dramatic statement.

If your cabinets are older and the budget won’t allow for an update, how about painting them? Choose a deep red, for example, and you’ll set the tone for your Tuscany kitchen decor for sure!

Furniture for your Tuscany style kitchen is...you guessed it...wood of course. A large rectangular dining table would be a perfect choice if you have the space and the need.

But a smaller table with wood/iron construction can also work quite well.

Tuscan Style Furniture for the Dining area

I love the way these Tuscan pieces shown above are rugged yet elegant. There are always curves and beautiful detailing, so use them for inspiration for your Tuscan Kitchen design project.

This photo offers a wealth of ideas...study the walls, accents, counter tops, appliance selection, finishes on the fixtures.

Keep the use of natural elements in the forefront of your planning and you will create a beautiful and authentic Tuscany Style Kitchen!

Tuscany Kitchen Decoratin

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