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Tuscan Paint Colors

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Colors of Tuscany represent the natural beauty of an Italian countryside. Learn how to choose the palette that will compliment your  home.

If you have made the decision to create your own personal Tuscan style home and decor, you've already established a color palette.

The key is to decide how to use these colors

Golden Yellows

Terra Cotta

Olive/Sage/Leafy Greens

Natural Brown/Ochre

Warm Orange

Vibrant Blues

And...a touch of White

Let's take a look at some warm shades from Sherwin Williams that reflect the beauty of the Tuscan countryside as shown in the photo below:

Sherwin Williams Forsythi



Tuscan Paint Colors
Sherwin Williams Red Tomato

Red Tomato


Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock

Blue Peacock




Sherwin Williams Jav

Obstinate Orange


Sherwin Williams Obstinate Orang
Sherwin Williams Verdan



How do you take these vibrant shades and keep them with you while planning your Tuscan decor?




Dining Room




Paint Colors

Here is a tip to make things a little easier and something that I always suggest to my clients:

Find a piece of fabric, a magazine picture, photo, or a simple combination of something that will provide a visual example of the Tuscan paint colors you are going to use.

(I know someone who carried a very small 'bouquet' of silk flowers in the shades of her selected color palette and it worked well for her!)

Or, visit your local paint store and look for the color samples that are offered in combinations, and hone in on the selections that emphasize nature, natural colors and the beautiful shades found in the photo on this page. You may find a sample palette that is quite close to the Tuscan color scheme.

Once you have your palette in hand (literally), you are ready to decide how to use these beautiful Tuscan colors in your home.

Always keep in the forefront of your design and decor planning that Tuscan decorating is the utilization of natural elements...simple...not pretentious...colorful yet not overbearing.

  • Does your home have spacious rooms with high ceilings (wall height of at least 9 1/2 feet or better)?
  • How about natural light...if a room receives a good deal of sunshine you may make a different decision regarding wall color than if the room receives almost no natural light.

Take some time to walk through the rooms and/or spaces and make a few notes about the natural lighting, windows, wall heights and any other unique features of the space.

For example, you may have a floor-to-ceiling bay in a Great Room that would be the perfect spot for a round iron table with a tiled top and two chairs with scrolled ironwork frames. A natural weave area rug define the space. Place a colorful vase of cut flowers on the table, gaze out the windows at the (hopefully) beautiful view and enjoy your bit of Tuscan life!

That is just one example of how to plan ahead for your Tuscan paint color scheme and furniture placement.

Tuscan Bedroom Color

Back to the Tuscan paint colors...

The more natural light a space receives, the more intense color can be used on the walls, if desired. To keep the living room light, choose yellow or gold tones. For a vibrant energy, choose red or orange tones.

The natural shades of brown, ochre and even sage/leafy green can be a great choice as well. Think about the colors you really enjoy seeing, because the wall color will be quite prominent in the space.

I always advise making a color board, too, before investing money in gallons of paint. Purchase the smallest amount of paint available in the colors you are considering. Paint a standard size poster board with two coats of paint, let dry, then place in the space you are considering.

Leave the color board in the room for at least 24 to 48 hours, move it around in the room and look at it in the daytime, at dusk and at night with artificial light. This will help you make a decision that you will be happy with in the long run.

Tuscan Style with Neutral Colors


If you are a person who likes things a little more neutral overall, use warm golds, light browns or consider an off white with undertones of tan or gold. Then, use the more vibrant colors in accents, possibly in an area rug, artwork, pottery or on an accent wall.

Textured walls are an integral part of Tuscan decor and should be considered along with the color scheme. Here is a faux finish technique from Sherwin Williams.

I have not tried this particular faux finish technique myself but have utilized several faux finishes for a number of years. The best advice I will give is to learn the technique on a practice board first before putting the finish on your walls!

Remember that white is almost always found somewhere in Tuscan colors, along with natural browns and brownish reds.

Combine your Tuscan colors with natural, nubby fabrics, colorful accents and you can create an authentic Tuscan look in your home.

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