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Contemporary Home Decor

clean, sleek, bold style

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For some of us, the thought of decorating in a contemporary style evokes thoughts of George Jetson and family, scooting through their ultra modernized and automated home.

In reality, this modern style design, although sleek, clean and smooth, can make a colorful and dramatic design statement that is an interesting blend of textures, colors and elements.

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Contemporary Kitchens

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Contemporary living room with subtle pops of color


If you enjoy clean lines, smooth surfaces, bold colors and natural elements, contemporary home decor could be the creative lifestyle expression for you.

Home decorating ideas for color choices will consist of neutral shades for the walls, although accent walls in a bold color (or two) are not out of the question.

In fact, you will want to create drama with the use of color.

For example, if your walls are the neutral backdrop, you may select a sofa that is a bright, solid red.

Your upholstered pieces will not have busy patterns, and in fact, there may not be much pattern in the space, with the exception of a striking area rug or artwork on the wall.

Contemporary Home Decor

To create further contrast in the area, you may decide to use a small amount of black as a dramatic accent.

Although clean lines are indicative of this style of decor, unique geometric shapes are very much at home in this setting.

This could come in the form of sculpture, accent pieces or a one-of-a-kind chair. Complementing these will be the straight lines of the other pieces in the area, such as a Scandinavian style sofa.

Contemporary Furniture and Deco

Accent pieces such as coffee tables and end tables may be wood based with stainless steel or chrome accents, and of course will be clean and sleek lined.

The wood tone that is selected, whether light, dark or something in-between, will be carried through the area for consistency.

You will use materials such as metal, chrome and stainless steel throughout the area as an accent element. The architectural details in the space will be bold, with high angled walls and soaring windows.

Notice the sleek, clean look of the modern kitchen design in the photos on this page. Classy and sophisticated, with each element of the kitchen having it's own personality and decor statement.

Your flooring may be wood, tile or a textured carpet such as a Berber to complement the contemporary decor. A textured wall covering could be part of your contemporary home decor and lend another element of interest to the area.

Lighting is an essential element to modern style decorating and should be selected carefully.

Track lighting is often used to highlight a focal point in the room.

As with other elements in the room, light fixtures will have clean lines, may have bold colors and be constructed from a type of metal such as stainless steel or chrome.

Contemporary Style Color Palett

Learn more about Contemporary Home Decor

Simple contemporary living room with jewel tones


As you are selecting colors, textures, furniture and for the area, including clean, crisp contemporary accessories, it is critical to remember that with contemporary decor there is never a feeling of messiness or overcrowding. Each piece and element has a drama of its own, and should be appreciated without distraction.

Notice the photo above...function, simplicity, jewel tones...clean Contemporary Style living area.

Window treatments in contemporary style oftentimes adhere to the 'less is more' philosophy of home decor, allowing other focal points in the space to take precedence.

Dramatic modern wall decor may be The Statement and focal point, so enjoy the hunt for this piece of drama in your space.

Take this clean, modern style of decorating and translate it to a rustic style residence. Can it be done? Of course! Learn more about decorating a log home, contemporary style!

If you think that adding one more element to the area might be too much, you're probably right. Err to the "less is more" philosophy of decorating and you will be fine.

Want more ideas and inspirations? Visit my Pinterest Board, CONTEMPORARY HOME DECORATING, and be inspired!

Your completed contemporary home decor will reflect the smooth, sleek, refined, uncluttered, dramatic look that defines your lifestyle (or not, but it may relieve the stress of the hectic days!) In any event, enjoy your contemporary style surroundings!

Many thanks to Rory Davies of Fort Myers, Florida, for allowing me to use photographs of her beautiful, contemporary home decor on this page!

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