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Country home decorating brings back many memories for me...how about you?

Back in the 80's this casual look was all the rage, with printed fabrics on the furniture, wallpaper border sporting flower baskets traveling throughout our homes, and the front porch sported a duck wearing cute little outfits. Really.

Case goods are typically of a medium finish such as oak, but can be painted as well. There are some fine examples of casual country decor in white and light finishes. You'll typically see a turned leg or pedestal type base on tables.

Antique, vintage and other well loved pieces are almost always found in a country home, anywhere from the kitchen to the bath to the living room to the bedroom. And, use your creativity to find a new use for an 'old' piece.

I took a vintage sewing cabinet and used it as a cool entry piece in a craftsman style home I once owned.

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Colorful space in a Country Style home that uses an oversized wall clock as a focal point. the petite footstool ties in the colors of the clock. Looks pretty comfy!

Textures create the country style in this living room

Understated casual, Country Style living area (complete with kitty :) that uses texture rather than color to create a welcoming style. The wood accents keep the space warm and inviting. I like it!

Country style thrift store wall decor is adorable

Thrift store finds adorn the wall in this inviting Country Style Living Room. The consistent theme of florals pulls the wall art together. Cute vintage table acts as a coffee table here...why not?

Country home decorating with a bit of sophistication in this loft. A mix of casual country with a touch of modern gives an eclectic feel to the space. Still a country style space at heart, though, with the displays of collections, textures and casual look.

Fabrics are still simple and colorful, but have a little bit more style than the simple ginghams and plaids of the past. Now, if that is your taste and preference, good for you! Use those fabrics proudly.

Durable, organic cottons are always a good choice. Country home decorating is not about formal, shiny fabrics but rather simple patterns put together in a casual way.

It's helpful to establish your color palette first, then select the two or three colors that will make up the color scheme for your home.

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Mix and match your fabrics on furniture, window treatments and accent pieces. For example, you might select a nifty stripe, small floral and muted tone-on-tone to use in your living/dining/kitchen areas. Anything else added to the mix should be a solid.


Collections are always an integral part of casual country style decor, so display them proudly.

Here's the key to a winning display:

1) When creating a long display of your collectables, for example, on top of the kitchen cabinets, stagger the placement so that each piece is not lined up with the ones on each side. Pull one or two forward, one back a bit, etc.

Also stagger the height, width and variety of the pieces to keep things more interesting.

2) When displaying a small group of collectables, place three pieces together (an odd number works best), again varying the height, width and to some extent, the pieces themselves.

If you choose things you love to have around the home and decorate from the heart, whatever interpretation of country decorating style you choose will be perfect for you!

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