by Vincenza
(Adelaide, Australia)

Having seen all the black and white that is so in at the moment -and how great it looks with a single accent colour(or none at all) - I hunted second hand stores and flea markets for BLACK AND WHITE ladies or men's blouses/shirts - striped, floral, geometric, textured stretch, jacquard, silk, checked etc. to make cushion covers.

The XL larger sized men's shirts cover European sized pillows! The buttons at the front of the blouse/shirt provide the button up at the back of the cushion for easy washing.

Voila! "CUSHION SHIRT" The really great thing with black and white? All designs mix and match superbly!

This same principle using dresses, suiting, skirts, etc. etc.can be adapted for covering small or large canvasses or putting into frames.

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